Steps to be carried out for engine coolant replacement in your car

Jatin Jhamb

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

14 Jan 2021

The engine coolant replacement is one of the easiest tasks to be carried out in car servicing procedure. For coolant replacement, your car should be parked on a firm surface. Unlike many other tasks of repairing and replacement of components in a car, the engine coolant replacement is a comparatively easier one, which you can do by yourself as well.

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Following are the four major steps, following which one can change the coolant in his cars engine all by himself:-

Check the duration of the coolant change

There is no specific criteria or kilometre mark standard for all the cars when it comes to coolant change. Each and every car comes with a duration of coolant change mentioned in its service manual. Read through the manual and check that after what duration the coolant should be changed.

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Placement of the car

The coolant replacement requires your car should be placed at a height, and this is for a reason. The cap for extracting the coolant out from the radiator is usually placed below the radiator in most of the cars, and for that, you need to lift the car a bit up, preferably on a lift. You can also lift the car a bit up through a car jack which comes standard with all the cars nowadays, by parking the car on a flat and firm surface.

Emptying the radiator

The radiator of your car generally has two caps  one at the top and the other at the bottom. For emptying the old coolant, you need to place an empty vessel just below the bottom cap of the radiator. After that, unscrew the bottom cap, which will allow the already present old coolant to flush out of the radiator. After the coolant gets flushed out completely from the radiator, screw the bottom cap back to its original position.

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Filling up the new coolant

After confirming that the bottom cap of the radiator is tightened back, bring back the car to its original placement by removing the jack. After that, unscrew the upper cap and slowly fill the new fresh coolant with the help of a funnel. Ensure that there is no leakage thereafter at the bottom. Do keep in mind to not fill the coolant up to the uppermost mark, for it can result in unwanted spillage of the coolant out in the engine bay.

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