Five Ways To Reduce The Wear And Tear Of Brakes In Your Car

Jatin Jhamb

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

13 Jan 2021

The overall life of the brakes of your car can be increased by more efficient methods of application of the brake pedal. The key method of minimizing the wear and tear of brakes is to maintain consistency in the method of application of brake pedal.

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It is said that a good driver is one who has his control sorted more on brakes rather than an accelerator. The control and method of application of brakes determine various factors, right from your safety to the fuel efficiency of your car.

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So in order to extract the most amount of juice from your brakes in their entire lifespan, it is important to use them more effectively. Following are the ways through which you can reduce the wear and tear of brakes of your car and increaser their overall life.

Use engine braking

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It is a common fact that experienced drivers focus on the engine braking rather than rubbing the brake pads which easily lead to wear and tear of it. Example - If you are approaching a brake signal then instead of putting the car in neutral you can put the car in the gear and use engine braking. This will bring lower the speed of your car.

Drive slow

Higher speeds require more braking force to bring the car to halt. The more frequency of application of brakes will gradually increase the wearing off brake pads, and in order to reduce that, you can drive slower as and when required, primarily in city traffic conditions.

Avoid harsh braking

This happens when you drive too rashly, Unnecessary throttling and speeding not only increase the load and fuel consumption of the engine but also wear and tear of brake pads, as more immediate brake force will be required to bring the car to a halt as soon as possible.

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Uniform throttling on highways

Maintaining consistency of throttle action at higher speeds comes handy for both maximizing the fuel efficiency as well as minimizing the load on the engine as well as the brakes. This will surely reduce the number of times you will be applying the brakes, and thus reducing the wear and tear of them.

Check brake fluids periodically

It is advised that you should flush or replace the brake fluid as and when required by the manufacturer in the service manual of your car. This will ensure that the brake pads are applied with uniform force by the pressurized fluid on them.

Avoid overloading

The excess of load in or on the car over the limit prescribed by the manufacturer will have an adverse effect on the brakes, as to bring the car to a halt even from low speeds, more brake force will be required.

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