EVeium COMET vs Silence S01+

STD scooter



₹ 1.92 Lakh

STD scooter

Silence S01+


₹ 6.50 Lakh

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  • Specifications Overview

    Variant Name STD STD
    On Road Price ₹ 2.00 Lakh ₹ 6.84 Lakh
    Fuel Type Electric Electric
    Body Type Electric Bikes Electric Bikes

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    Body & Suspension

    Body Type Electric BikesElectric Bikes
    Suspension - Front -Adjustable Hydraulic Damping
    Suspension - Rear -Adjustable Hydraulic Damping

    Engine & Transmission

    Max Power -10.19 PS
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    Comfort & Convenience

    Speedometer Digital-
    Seat Style Single-
    Start Type Self Start OnlyRemote starting of the scooter
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    ABS - Anti-lock braking system NoNo
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    Performance & Drivetrain

    Max Speed 85 Kmph43 Kmph
    Range/Charge 150 km/Charge-

    Dimensions & Capacity

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    Wheels, Tyre & Brakes

    Front Type DiscDisc
    Rear Type Disc-
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    Battery Capacity 3.6 kwh5.6 kwh
    Battery Type Lithium IonLithium-Ion
    Motor Power 3000 W7.5

    Entertainment & Communication


    Charging Socket -Yes
    Charging Time 4 Hours6-8 Hrs

    Which scooter do you like more ?

    EVeium COMET STD scooter
    EVeium COMET STD
    Silence S01+ STD scooter
    Silence S01+ STD

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    Comparisons for EVeium COMET vs Silence S01+

    Confused between COMET & S01+? Wondering whether you should spend that hard earned money on EVeium COMET or Silence S01+? Don't Worry! We are here to help you choose between these two models. Talking about STD variant of EVeium COMET, it has been priced at Rs 2.00 Lakh. On the other hand, Silence S01+ will cost you Rs 4.84 Lakh more than COMET. STD variant of Silence S01+ comes with a price tag of Rs 6.84 Lakh. Check the detailed comparison of both the models below on the basis of safety features, comfort, power, transmission, suspension and more.

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    EVeium COMET vs Silence S01+ FAQs

    • What is the on-road price of EVeium COMET?

      The on-road price of EVeium COMET is Rs. 2.00 Lakh in New Delhi

    • What is the on-road price of Silence S01+?

      The on-road price of Silence S01+ is Rs. 6.84 Lakh in New Delhi