Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) cycle

Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD)

Zoom DX (21SPD) is a Mountain cycle from Schnell. Least expensive Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) variant is 27.5T which is sold in Indian automobile market at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 10.89 K.
₹ 10.89 K

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Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) 27.5T Specifications

  • Brakes

    Dual Disk Brake

  • Suspension

    Suspension Fork RMX

Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) Overview

The Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) is one of the different models from the house of Schnell.The Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) has Suspension Fork RMX Suspension/Fork making it a very comfortable bicycle to ride.27.5x2.10 wheel of the bicycle is equipped with Dual Disk Brake.The tyre size is 27.5x2.10.Some of the main rivals include the Kross Viper 14T and Kross Viper 16T.

Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) is a Mountain cycle by Schnell. Keep reading to know more about it's specs, latest price, user reviews, best offers.

Zoom DX (21SPD) Body

Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) has Dual Disk Brake brakes, Suspension Fork RMX suspensions with . It comes with a Steel frame and 27.5x2.10 wheelset.

Zoom DX (21SPD) Features

It comes loaded with Alloy D/W rim from comfort point of view.

Zoom DX (21SPD) Weight, Dimensions & Measurements

Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) has 27.5T Size.

Zoom DX (21SPD) Alternatives

Main Competitors of Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) are Kross Viper 14T, Kross Viper 16T, Schnell Zoom DX SS, Avon Firo IBC 26T, Schnell Metta SS 27.5T, Schnell Metta SS 29T.

Zoom DX (21SPD) Latest Price

Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) is available in India at a price tag of Rs. 11.79 K.

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Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) Bicycle Price in India

Zoom DX (21SPD) is a Mountain cycle by Schnell. It comes with a price tag of Rs.10.89 K in India. Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) is a great option for people interested in buying a bicycle with a budget of Rs.10.00 K to Rs.20.00 K in India.

Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) Specifications


BrakesDual Disk Brake



Suspensions/Brakes/Wheels and Tyres

Front Tyre Size27.5x2.10
Rear Tyre Size27.5x2.10


rimAlloy D/W

Dimensions and Weights



Suspension/ForkSuspension Fork RMX

Wheels & Tyres


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Schnell FAQs

  • What is the price of Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) bicycle?

    Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) is priced at Rs 11.79 K.

  • Which are the closest competition bicyles of Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD)?

    Competitors of Schnell Zoom DX (21SPD) are Kross Viper 14T, Kross Viper 16T, Schnell Zoom DX SS.