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With the advent of electric bikes in India, Komaki has been one of the pioneers in introducing electric bikes on Indian roads. Currently Komaki has 3 EV's plying on Indian roads. The EV with highest range currently is Komaki Ranger with a range of 220 km/charge. The Popular Komaki EV models currently are Ranger, MX3, M-5.

Komaki bike modelsPriceRangeOctober Sales*
Ranger1.68 Lakh * onwards220 km/chargeN/A
MX395.00 K * onwards100 km/chargeN/A
M-599.00 K * onwards120 km/chargeN/A
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Komaki Bikes in India

  • Komaki Ranger bike
    ₹ 1.68 Lakh*
    220 km/chargeElectric
  • Komaki MX3 bike
    ₹ 95,000*
    100 km/chargeElectric
  • Komaki M-5 bike
    ₹ 99,000*
    120 km/chargeElectric

Komaki Scooters

  • Komaki XGT KM scooter
    ₹ 42,500*
  • Komaki TN-95 scooter
    ₹ 98,000*
  • Komaki Super scooter
    ₹ 29,500*
  • Komaki SE scooter
    ₹ 96,000*
  • Komaki DT 3000 scooter
    ₹ 1.23 Lakh*
  • Komaki Venice scooter
    ₹ 79.00 K - ₹ 1.35 Lakh*
  • Komaki XGT VP scooter
    Komaki XGT VP
    ₹ 65,000*
  • Komaki XGT X5 scooter
    Komaki XGT X5
    ₹ 72,500 - ₹ 90,500*
  • Komaki LY scooter
    Komaki LY
    ₹ 88,000*
  • Komaki XGT Classic scooter
    Komaki XGT Classic
    ₹ 1.11 Lakh*

Komaki Bikes in India

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    Komaki Bikes Question & Answers

    • Question for Komaki XGT KM
      Updated on 22 Nov

      Does komaki xgt km need license to ride ?

      Yes, it is required to have a driving license to drive Komaki XGT KM.

      91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
      · 22 Nov
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    • Question for Komaki LY
      Updated on 16 Nov

      What is the motor capacity of Komaki LY?

      Equipped with same power train performance to 125cc class, KOMAKI LY genetically wired to a more efficient roaming.

      91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
      · 16 Nov
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    • Question for Komaki DT 3000
      Updated on 14 Nov

      what is the load carrying capacity of Komaki DT 3000?

      As of now Komaki has yet not officially announced the Load carrying capacity of Komaki DT 3000. We request you to wait for the official announcement.

      91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
      · 14 Nov
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    • Question for Komaki Ranger
      Updated on 09 Nov

      What is the charging time for Komaki Ranger?

      Komaki claims that the motorbike comes with same powertrain performance as the combustion engine counterparts. Ranger's power unit offers a single-charge range of 180-220 kilometres. The motorcycle can be fully juiced up in about five to six hours.

      91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
      · 09 Nov
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    • Question for Komaki XGT KM
      Updated on 09 Nov

      What is the type of battery in Komaki XGT KM?

      The Komaki XGT KM comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that gives it a range of 80km under standard test conditions

      91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
      · 5 Months ago
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    Komaki Bike Owner Reviews

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    • M
      29 Nov
      Review for Komaki MX3
      Good load capacity and good mileage and easy for riding
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    • R
      05 Nov
      Review for Komaki Ranger
      Komkai all bikes worst parts.Bike parts were made by cheaper plastic.This review after 4 months ride.Almost 4-5 times service man come to pick up me from roadside.Very very cheap meterials used.In my bike break failure, More than 3 times, Our life is not guarantee while riding in this bike, Next time accelerate cable complaint, Now all other switch not working, After 3 months i gave it for service, They charged 1500 for insufficient fork oil during the time of delivery, And inside bike charging cable cutoff during the bike refitting.
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    • Sn
      2 Months ago
      Review for Komaki DT 3000

      This is just a waste of money product. No mileage and not comfortable.
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    • P
      2 Months ago
      Review for Komaki DT 3000
      This perform, specially on Indian bumpy roads, wonderfully. Komaki has a good dealers netvwork with workshops.
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    • VG
      2 Months ago
      Review for Komaki MX3
      Mujhe acchi lagi kya yah mujhe mil sakti hai iska design mileage average is good main Lena chahta hun kya main ise khareed sakta hun
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