Firefox Breeze 24 Price in India

Firefox Breeze 24 is priced at Rs. 12200 in India. Other similar cycles with similar configurations are Btwin Riverside 100 Red Hybrid cycle at Rs. 10999, Hero Offspring 29er D/Disc at Rs. 12700, Hero Offspring 29er V-Brakes at Rs. 12250 Firefox offers many models in India and you can check price of Firefox Breeze 24 below.

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Firefox Breeze 24

₹ 12,200

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Firefox Breeze 24 Variants

The Most Popular variant of Firefox Breeze 24 is Base variant. FireFox Breeze 24 Base is priced at Rs 12200 and comes with Steel Hardtail Ladiesframe, Steel 580mm (58 Cms), 30mm (3 Cms) rise.

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  • Teens,60X5 Cms (24" X 2.1")
    ₹ 12,200

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