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Firefox offers a range of cycle in India, with 114 models currently available. At Rs. 6.50 K, the Flydale 16 is the cheapest Firefox cycle, while the Adventron 27.5 Electric Bike is the most expensive. The newest model in the Firefox lineup is the Cyclone 27.5 D which starts at a price of Rs. 18.90 K.
Of the 114 models, 12 are mountain.

Firefox Cycle Price List (May 2024) in India

The price of Firefox cycles in India ranges between Rs. 6.50 K to Rs. 60.00 K. Here are the prices of the top 5 Firefox cycles : Firefox Cyclone 27.5 D Price at Rs. 18.90 K, Firefox Bobber 29 D Price at Rs. 30.00 K, Firefox Tornado 26 D Price at Rs. 18.50 K, Firefox Axxis 29 D Price at Rs. 12.90 K, Firefox Avatar 27.5 D Price at Rs. 39.50 K.

Firefox ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Cyclone 27.5 D₹ 18,900 * onwards
Bobber 29 D₹ 30,000 * onwards
Tornado 26 D₹ 18,500 * onwards
Axxis 29 D₹ 12,900 * onwards
Avatar 27.5 D₹ 39,500 * onwards
Axxis 26 D₹ 14,900 * onwards
Nuke 27.5 D₹ 35,000 * onwards
Fusion 29 D₹ 23,000 * onwards
Tornado 27.5 D₹ 23,900 * onwards
Hurrikan 27.5 D₹ 34,700 * onwards
Kreed 27.5 D₹ 17,900 * onwards
Crusador 29 D₹ 24,500 * onwards
Fusion 26₹ 17,500 * onwards
AXXIS 27.5 D₹ 12,600 * onwards
Stravaro 29 D₹ 39,900 * onwards
Mountana V 29₹ 22,000 * onwards
Mountana 29 D₹ 19,500 * onwards
Bad Attitude 26₹ 19,900 * onwards
Viper 26 D₹ 25,000 * onwards
Momentum Nxt D₹ 31,500 * onwards
Spirit₹ 14,999 * onwards
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Firefox Overview

Firefox is the leading cycle manufacturer in the Premium bicycle market in India. In 2014, Hero cycles fully acquired Firefox which was selling around 70 different models of Firefox brand and 25 Trek models through an network of 160 company owned and franchise outlets. Presently Firefox is among the top brands which operates primarily through their own or franchise outlets.Recently Firefox bikes launched a range of Disney and Marvel comics branded cycles for kids. The wheel size of the cycles starts at 20cm and extends to 26 cm. Presently Firefox provides more than 10 models of kids cycles and has more than 500 stores where Firefox bike are retailed. Firefox premium cycles are available from Rs 15,000 to more than Rs 1,00,000. The cycles are majorly known for tis durability, safety and modern design. Firefox operates through omnichannel business model with focus in direct to consumer as well offline sales network

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Firefox Cycle Owner Reviews

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  • S
    3 Month ago
    Review for Firefox Axxis 29 D
    A comfortable seat and a well shocker with best disc brakes I am very happy with this cycle thank you Firefox
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  • A
    8 Month ago
    Review for Firefox Meteor
    I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the Firefox hybrid bike! It's been an incredible value for money. The comfort it provides during rides is exceptional, making every journey enjoyable. As a beginner rider, this bike has been the perfect fit for me, and I can see it being just as great for intermediate riders. It's a versatile and reliable choice. Thank you, Firefox, for crafting such a fantastic bike!
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  • SC
    Surya Ch
    8 Month ago
    Review for Firefox Fusion 29 D
    My friend is using this model and he suggested for me
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  • G
    8 Month ago
    Review for Firefox Tornado 26 D
    Good firefox is known for its performance,and this is in 26" wheel good for comfort.
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  • DR
    Dr R Gupta
    9 Month ago
    Review for Firefox Velocity 700C
    Changing Gears Shifting from Firefox Kompac to Velocity after 8 years Cycling became fun again- Resistance reduced by 40 % Better speed control better manipulation on roads Could cover longer distances in same time Excellent shockers useful in Delhi’s current roads Enjoyed my trip ? Dr Raju Gupta
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