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BSA cycles price start at Rs. 3.31 K for the cheapest model the Trin Trin 12T PINK while the Cindrella 20T is the most expensive model with a price of Rs. 8.70 K. BSA offers 62 new cycle models. Out of 62 models, 43 cycles are in kids category, 6 cycles are in girls category, 8 cycles are in women category, 3 cycles are in road category and 2 cycles are in city category.

BSA Cycle Price List (September 2023) in India

The price of BSA cycles in India ranges between Rs. 3.31 K to Rs. 8.70 K. Here are the prices of the top 5 BSA cycles : BSA Doodle 16T Price at Rs. 4.99 K, BSA Star 20T Price at Rs. 5.10 K, BSA Shine 24T Price at Rs. 7.26 K, BSA Star 16T Price at Rs. 4.63 K, BSA AgentX 16T Price at Rs. 5.18 K.

BSA ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Doodle 16T4,990 * onwards
Star 20T5,100 * onwards
Shine 24T7,260 * onwards
Star 16T4,630 * onwards
AgentX 16T5,180 * onwards
Glitzy 26T7,100 * onwards
Breeze 24T7,175 * onwards
Hazel 24T7,260 * onwards
Splash 26T8,510 * onwards
Diya6,695 * onwards
Julia6,535 * onwards
Diana Classic6,090 * onwards
Shine 26T8,005 * onwards
Sofia 26T7,420 * onwards
Deluxe5,800 * onwards
Super Deluxe6,785 * onwards
Supreme (Gents)6,225 * onwards
Supreme (Ladies)4,720 * onwards
Diana 26T7,175 * onwards
Princess5,540 * onwards
Super Deluxe Jr5,615 * onwards
Speedex 20T4,962 * onwards
Cybot MS 20T7,980 * onwards
Dotty 12T EVA3,870 * onwards
Dynox 12T EVA3,870 * onwards
Trin Trin 12T3,690 * onwards
Cindrella 16T8,150 * onwards
Orbit 16T4,540 * onwards
Cybot 20T7,266 * onwards
Flora 16T6,222 * onwards
Toonz 16T5,525 * onwards
Orbit 20T Pink4,420 * onwards
Orbit 20T Pink EVA4,220 * onwards
AgentX 16T EVA5,130 * onwards
AgentX 20T5,537 * onwards
AgentX 20T EVA5,477 * onwards
Flora 16T EVA5,520 * onwards
Flora 20T6,540 * onwards
Flora 20T EVA5,770 * onwards
Toonz 16T EVA5,455 * onwards
Toonz 20T5,855 * onwards
Toonz 20T EVA5,795 * onwards
Doodle 16T EVA4,845 * onwards
Doodle 20T5,330 * onwards
Doodle 20T EVA5,300 * onwards
Hazel 26T7,605 * onwards
Summer ASC 26T8,110 * onwards
Trin Trin 12T PINK3,315 * onwards
Breeze 26T7,405 * onwards
Speedex 20T EVA4,742 * onwards
Dotty 14T EVA4,150 * onwards
Dotty 14T TT4,150 * onwards
Dynox 14T EVA4,150 * onwards
Dynox 14T TT3,980 * onwards
Trin Trin 14T3,690 * onwards
Trin Trin 14T PINK3,315 * onwards
Cindrella 20T8,700 * onwards
Orbit 16T EVA4,305 * onwards
Orbit 16T Pink4,005 * onwards
Orbit 16T Pink EVA3,815 * onwards
Orbit 20T4,912 * onwards
Orbit 20T EVA4,672 * onwards
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Key Highlights of BSA Cycle

Popular ModelsStar 16T, AgentX 16T, Glitzy 26T, Breeze 24T, Hazel 24T
Most ExpensiveCindrella 20T (₹ 8,700)
Affordable ModelTrin Trin 12T PINK (₹ 3,315)

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BSA Cycle Owner Reviews

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  • NR
    Neha Rai
    18 Sep 2023
    Review for BSA Diya
    I think this is best cycle overall the best cycle
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  • SS
    Sourav Saha
    1 Month ago
    Review for BSA Supreme (Gents)
    Overall everything was great. The comfortable bicycle someone can ever have.
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  • Tn
    Thamirchi nagasai
    6 Month ago
    Review for BSA Super Deluxe
    BSA super is good.
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Which are the latest BSA cycle models of 2023?

BSA Doodle 16T, BSA Star 20T, BSA Shine 24T are the latest BSA cycles in India.