Hero Cycles

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Hero cycles price start at Rs. 3.65 K for the cheapest model the Cannon 20T while the Lectro EHX20 is the most expensive model with a price of Rs. 1.35 Lakh. Hero offers 281 new cycle models. Out of 281 models, 30 cycles are in electric category, 77 cycles are in kids category, 98 cycles are in mountain category, 4 cycles are in hybrid category, 18 cycles are in women category, 19 cycles are in road category and 35 cycles are in city category.

Hero Cycle Price List (September 2023) in India

The price of Hero cycles in India ranges between Rs. 3.65 K to Rs. 1.35 Lakh. Here are the prices of the top 5 Hero cycles : Hero Lectro C3 SS 26 Inch Price at Rs. 27.00 K, Hero Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) Price at Rs. 29.00 K, Hero Lectro C6 700C SS Price at Rs. 35.00 K, Hero Lectro Clix SS Price at Rs. 29.00 K, Hero Lectro Kinza SS Price at Rs. 29.00 K.

Hero ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Lectro C3 SS 26 Inch26,999 * onwards
Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch)28,999 * onwards
Lectro C6 700C SS34,999 * onwards
Lectro Clix SS28,999 * onwards
Lectro Kinza SS28,999 * onwards
Lectro Clix 7S31,000 * onwards
Lectro Kinza 7S31,000 * onwards
Lectro C3i SS (26 Inch)29,999 * onwards
LECTRO C5i SS (27.5 Inch)34,999 * onwards
Lectro EHX201.35 Lakh * onwards
Lectro C9 Folding Cycle46,999 * onwards
Lectro C6iE40,999 * onwards
Lectro C8i37,999 * onwards
Lectro C5iE38,999 * onwards
Lectro C6E36,999 * onwards
Lectro C6V 700C36,999 * onwards
Lectro C7+34,999 * onwards
Lectro C8 700C 7S34,999 * onwards
Lectro C5V 27.535,999 * onwards
Lectro C732,999 * onwards
Lectro C5E33,999 * onwards
Lectro C5 27.5 SS30,999 * onwards
Lectro C3 27.528,999 * onwards
Lectro WINN49,999 * onwards
Lectro WINN X49,999 * onwards
Doraemon Blossom 16T5,600 * onwards
Doraemon Blossom 20T6,390 * onwards
Doraemon Flower Power 14T5,335 * onwards
Doraemon Flower Power 16T5,560 * onwards
Doraemon Flower Power 20T6,390 * onwards
Doraemon Let's Travel 16T5,560 * onwards
Doraemon Let's Travel 20T6,350 * onwards
Doraemon Race On 14T5,295 * onwards
Doraemon Race On 16T5,520 * onwards
Doraemon Race On 20T6,350 * onwards
Attitude 26T SS FS VB9,125 * onwards
Attitude 26T SS Rigid VB8,565 * onwards
Attitude 26T SS FS DD9,975 * onwards
Colt 26T FS VB8,030 * onwards
Colt 26T RS VB8,975 * onwards
Compass 26T 21S DD FS14,625 * onwards
Compass 26T SS DD FS10,895 * onwards
Howler 27.5T 21SPD DD15,555 * onwards
Monk 24T SS FS DD10,675 * onwards
Tejas CS 24T6,350 * onwards
Tejas CS 26T6,395 * onwards
Tejas DS 24T6,755 * onwards
Tejas DS 26T6,800 * onwards
Tejas RS 24T6,000 * onwards
Tejas RS 26T8,190 * onwards
Trot 24T 21S DD FS15,395 * onwards
Trot 24T SS DD FS12,195 * onwards
Trot 26T 21S DD FS15,655 * onwards
Trot 26T SS DD FS12,295 * onwards
Voltage 24T 21SPD12,900 * onwards
MIG DS 26T X2.357,690 * onwards
RANGER 26T FS VB7,615 * onwards
RANGER 26T RIGID VB6,745 * onwards
ATLANTA 700C HYBRID12,000 * onwards
CAPETOWN 700C HYBRID11,610 * onwards
URBAN TRAIL 26T VB9,410 * onwards
MIG WOMEN 26T6,660 * onwards
LECTRO F2i39,999 * onwards
LECTRO F3i40,999 * onwards
Albatross 27 5T47,900 * onwards
Barracuda 27 532,850 * onwards
BARRACUDA 29ER34,200 * onwards
BARRCUDA 2934,200 * onwards
Gyrfalcon 27 526,850 * onwards
GYRFALCON 2928,500 * onwards
GYRFALCON 29ER28,500 * onwards
Salamander 2620,250 * onwards
Salamander 27 520,950 * onwards
salamander 2921,700 * onwards
SALAMANDER 29ER21,700 * onwards
Springbok 2617,950 * onwards
Springbok 27 518,550 * onwards
Analog 27.5T (21SPD) Double Disc20,300 * onwards
Analog 29ER (21SPD) Double Disc20,600 * onwards
Caliber 27.5T16,550 * onwards
Ceralo 26T (21SPD)19,750 * onwards
Doran 29ER25,300 * onwards
Dude 26T 21SPD Double Disc24,500 * onwards
Halcon 27.5T (21SPD)24,800 * onwards
JOPLIN 27.5T (21 SPD)23,800 * onwards
Kixs 29ER (21SPD)21,650 * onwards
Offspring 29ER Double Disc16,850 * onwards
Offspring 29ER V-Brake16,400 * onwards
Reaction 27.5T (21SPD)21,220 * onwards
Siren 24T13,500 * onwards
Siren 26T15,350 * onwards
Spectral 26T15,900 * onwards
Whistle 14T Caliper4,675 * onwards
Whistle 16T V-Brake4,885 * onwards
Whistle 20T Double Disc6,295 * onwards
Whistle 20T5,550 * onwards
Daisy 12T3,995 * onwards
Daisy 14T4,295 * onwards
Fairy 16T5,490 * onwards
Fairy 20T6,155 * onwards
Minnie 14T4,475 * onwards
Minnie 16T4,460 * onwards
Stitch 20T6,100 * onwards
Swirl 18T (Hi-Riser)5,645 * onwards
Swirl 18T (Eva Tyres)5,545 * onwards
Sweed 27.5T (21SPD)19,650 * onwards
Sweed 29ER (21SPD)19,900 * onwards
Whistler 27.5T17,400 * onwards
Whistler 27.5T (21SPD)22,450 * onwards
Attitude 24T 21S FS Double Disc13,530 * onwards
Attitude 24T SS FS Double Disc9,390 * onwards
Attitude 24T SS FS V-Brake8,580 * onwards
Attitude 24T SS Rigid V-Brake8,340 * onwards
City Rider 26T V-Brake7,055 * onwards
City Rider 26T V-Brake D/W Alloy Rim7,450 * onwards
Count 26T SS Double Disc10,620 * onwards
Count 26T (21 SPD)14,805 * onwards
Cowboy 26T8,070 * onwards
Dominator 26T (21 SPD)13,130 * onwards
Dominator 26T V-Brake7,615 * onwards
Dominator 26T Double Disc9,395 * onwards
DTB 26T 21 Spd8,900 * onwards
Finisher 26T (21SPD) Front Disc12,815 * onwards
Finisher 26T (21SPD) V-Brake12,325 * onwards
Finisher DS 26T7,200 * onwards
Finisher HT 24T8,575 * onwards
Finisher HT 26T9,060 * onwards
Finisher RS 24T6,650 * onwards
Finisher RS 26T6,815 * onwards
Gunner 24T6,720 * onwards
Hawk Nuage 27T7,975 * onwards
Howler 26T (21 SPD)17,570 * onwards
Howler 26T Double Disc12,925 * onwards
Howler 26T V-Brake11,940 * onwards
Howler 27.5T (21 SPD)17,745 * onwards
Thorn 24T Rigid-VB D/W Alloy Rim7,650 * onwards
Thorn 24T FS-VB D/W Alloy Rim8,140 * onwards
Thorn 26T (21 SPD) FS12,710 * onwards
Thorn 26T Rigid-VB D/W Alloy Rim11,435 * onwards
Thorn 26T FS-VB D/W Alloy Rim8,505 * onwards
Thorn 24T (21 SPD) FS12,610 * onwards
Thorn 26T Double Disc9,395 * onwards
TOMBOY 26T Rigid7,645 * onwards
TOMBOY 26T FS8,040 * onwards
Venice 26T Steel9,628 * onwards
X-Factor 26T8,215 * onwards
Miss India Gold 24T7,320 * onwards
Miss India Gold 26T9,195 * onwards
Miss India Liyra 26T7,025 * onwards
Miss India Petal 26T7,505 * onwards
Miss India Reeva 24T7,320 * onwards
Miss India Reeva 26T7,395 * onwards
Miss India Seagul 26T7,405 * onwards
Miss India Spinel 26T7,405 * onwards
Miss India Velvet 26T8,640 * onwards
Neon Lady 26T7,365 * onwards
Attacker 20T6,080 * onwards
BLAZE 16T (Eva Tires)5,085 * onwards
BLAZE 16T (Hi-Riser)5,110 * onwards
Cannon 20T3,645 * onwards
CANON 14T (Eva Tires)4,055 * onwards
CANON 14T (Hi-Riser)3,845 * onwards
CANON 16T (Eva Tires)4,065 * onwards
CANON 16T (Hi-Riser)4,340 * onwards
CANON 20T (Eva Tires)4,855 * onwards
Howler 27.5T Double Disc13,550 * onwards
Howler 27.5T V-Brake12,555 * onwards
Howler 29ER (21 SPD)17,830 * onwards
Howler 29ER Double Disc13,730 * onwards
Howler 29ER V-Brake12,740 * onwards
Ignitor 26T 18,030 * onwards
Manhattan 26T Steel7,790 * onwards
Mauser 16T4,895 * onwards
MIG CS 24T6,860 * onwards
MIG CS 26T6,940 * onwards
MIG DS 24T7,180 * onwards
MIG DS 26T7,255 * onwards
MIG RS 24T Caliper Brake6,465 * onwards
MIG RS 24T V-Brake6,525 * onwards
MIG RS 26T Caliper Brake6,545 * onwards
MIG RS 26T V-Brake8,946 * onwards
Monk 26TX2.4 Double Disc10,925 * onwards
Monk 26TX2.4 V-Brake10,025 * onwards
Monk 26TX3 Double Disc11,495 * onwards
Monk 26TX3 (21 SPD)16,590 * onwards
Monk 26TX2.4 (21 SPD)15,060 * onwards
Next 26T 18 Spd9,730 * onwards
Radical 26T Caliper Brake-Nylon Tyre6,445 * onwards
Radical 26T Caliper Brake-WSW Tyre6,620 * onwards
Radical 26T Front Disc7,000 * onwards
Radical-VX 26T6,760 * onwards
RX 1 17,230 * onwards
RX 2 1 26T8,160 * onwards
Thorn 24T Double Disc9,080 * onwards
CANON 20T (Hi-Riser)7,060 * onwards
Cartoon 14T (Hi-Riser)3,815 * onwards
Cartoon 14T (Eva Tyres)3,790 * onwards
Champion 16T4,670 * onwards
Dario 12T4,290 * onwards
Dario 14T4,365 * onwards
FOXXX 20T6,845 * onwards
Hoper 20T FS V-Brake6,015 * onwards
Hoper 20T RS Double Disc6,210 * onwards
Hoper 20T RS V-Brake5,590 * onwards
Hoper 20T 6S FS Double Disc7,450 * onwards
Hoper 20T IC5,995 * onwards
Jackoo 12T4,250 * onwards
Jackoo 14T4,385 * onwards
LIL MIG DS 20T5,825 * onwards
LIL MIG HI-Riser 20T5,225 * onwards
Rotor BMX NV 20T6,480 * onwards
STALIO 20T (HI RISER)5,495 * onwards
Stark 20T 6S6,685 * onwards
Sundancer 16T4,475 * onwards
Sundancer 16T (Eva Tires)4,320 * onwards
Sundancer 20T5,580 * onwards
Sundancer 20T (Eva Tires)7,212 * onwards
SuperBoy 16T5,305 * onwards
SuperBoy 20T5,970 * onwards
SuperBoy 20T BMX Hi-Riser5,025 * onwards
SuperBoy 20T FS6,380 * onwards
SuperHero 16T5,050 * onwards
SuperHero 20T5,580 * onwards
Whistle 12T4,185 * onwards
Ceralo 24T (21SPD)18,950 * onwards
Compass 27.5T (21SPD)15,495 * onwards
Compass 27.5T SS FD11,850 * onwards
Compass 27.5T SS V-Brake11,520 * onwards
Compass 29ER (21SPD)15,825 * onwards
Compass 29ER SS FD12,085 * onwards
Compass 29ER SS V-Brake10,520 * onwards
Count 26T SS FD9,605 * onwards
Hustle 27.5T 21SPD16,820 * onwards
Hustle 27.5T SS Double Disc13,145 * onwards
Hustle 27.5T SS V-Brake11,785 * onwards
Hustle 29ER 21SPD17,150 * onwards
Hustle 29ER SS Double Disc13,145 * onwards
Hustle 29ER SS V-Brake12,105 * onwards
Voltage 26T 21SPD13,925 * onwards
Voltage 26T SS FS Double Disc10,620 * onwards
Voltage 26T SS FS V-Brake9,605 * onwards
Voltage 27.5T SS FS Double Disc11,080 * onwards
Voltage 27.5T SS FS V-Brake10,140 * onwards
Voltage 27.5T 21SPD14,235 * onwards
Miss India Eliza 26T7,255 * onwards
Ace Wing 16T4,815 * onwards
Crox 14T3,895 * onwards
LIL MIG 26T Centre Suspension5,845 * onwards
Mauser 16T (Eva Tires)4,740 * onwards
Mauser 20T5,265 * onwards
Mauser 20T (Eva Tires)5,110 * onwards
Shotgun 16T5,180 * onwards
Shotgun 20T5,785 * onwards
Lectro F6i52,999 * onwards
Black Pearl 26T7,560 * onwards
Rafale 24T CS6,505 * onwards
Rafale 24T DS6,910 * onwards
Rafale 24T RS6,155 * onwards
Rafale 26T CS6,550 * onwards
Rafale 26T DS6,955 * onwards
Rafale 26T RS8,400 * onwards
Squad 26T8,315 * onwards
Traveller 700C (21SPD) Double Disc15,515 * onwards
Traveller 700C (21SPD) V-Brake14,650 * onwards
Traveller 700C SS11,220 * onwards
Voltage 24T 21SPD FS DD13,725 * onwards
Voltage 24T SS FS DD10,540 * onwards
Voltage 24T SS FS VB9,525 * onwards
Muve 26T VB9,915 * onwards
Aiyana 26T8,030 * onwards
Akanksha 50CM7,925 * onwards
MIG Woman 26T6,225 * onwards
Bobcat 16T4,465 * onwards
Bobcat 20T7,054 * onwards
Hardy 20T5,335 * onwards
Massive 20T DD8,660 * onwards
Voltage 20T FS VB6,885 * onwards
Lectro H529,999 * onwards
Lectro H328,499 * onwards

Hero Electric Cycle Price List (September 2023) in India

Hero offers a range of Electric cycles in India, with 2 models currently available . Hero Electric cycle price starts at 50.00 K goes upto 50.00 K (Avg. ex-showroom).
ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Lectro WINN50.00 K * onwards
Lectro WINN X50.00 K * onwards
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Key Highlights of Hero Cycle

Popular ModelsAlbatross 27 5T, Barracuda 27 5, BARRACUDA 29ER, BARRCUDA 29, Gyrfalcon 27 5
Most ExpensiveLectro EHX20 (₹ 1.35 Lakh)
Affordable ModelCannon 20T (₹ 3,645)

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  • a
    13 Sep 2023
    Review for Hero Doraemon Blossom 20T
    best cycle i have ever seen for kids..must recommend to buy
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  • OS
    Omkar Shaky
    1 Month ago
    Review for Hero RANGER 26T RIGID VB
    Details about looks, performance etc. Share your Hero RANGER 26T RIGID VB experience
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  • d
    1 Year ago
    Review for Hero Ceralo 26T (21SPD)
    Nice and Wonderful Cycle with extra durabilities.
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  • M
    2 Year ago
    Review for Hero Gyrfalcon 27 5
    Best cycle under 30thoushands
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    Likes (2)
  • A
    2 Year ago
    Review for Hero FINISHER DS 24T
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