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Hero offers a range of cycle in India, with 280 models currently available. At Rs. 3.65 K, the Cannon 20T is the cheapest Hero cycle, while the Lectro EHX20 is the most expensive. The newest model in the Hero lineup is the Lectro C3 SS 26 Inch which starts at a price of Rs. 27.00 K.
Of the 280 models, 10 are teens and 2 are mountain.

Hero Cycle Price List (June 2024) in India

The price of Hero cycles in India ranges between Rs. 3.65 K to Rs. 1.35 Lakh. Here are the prices of the top 5 Hero cycles : Hero Lectro C3 SS 26 Inch Price at Rs. 27.00 K, Hero Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) Price at Rs. 29.00 K, Hero Lectro C6 700C SS Price at Rs. 35.00 K, Hero Lectro Clix SS Price at Rs. 29.00 K, Hero Lectro Kinza SS Price at Rs. 29.00 K.

Hero ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Lectro C3 SS 26 Inch₹ 26,999 * onwards
Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch)₹ 28,999 * onwards
Lectro Clix SS₹ 28,999 * onwards
Lectro Kinza 7S₹ 31,000 * onwards
Lectro EHX20₹ 1.35 Lakh * onwards
Albatross 27 5T₹ 47,900 * onwards
Barracuda 27 5₹ 32,850 * onwards
BARRCUDA 29₹ 34,200 * onwards
GYRFALCON 29₹ 28,500 * onwards
GYRFALCON 29ER₹ 28,500 * onwards
Salamander 27 5₹ 20,950 * onwards
SALAMANDER 29ER₹ 21,700 * onwards
Springbok 27 5₹ 18,550 * onwards
Analog 29ER (21SPD) Double Disc₹ 20,600 * onwards
Doran 29ER₹ 25,300 * onwards
Dude 26T 21SPD Double Disc₹ 24,500 * onwards
Halcon 27.5T (21SPD)₹ 24,800 * onwards
Kixs 29ER (21SPD)₹ 21,650 * onwards
Offspring 29ER V-Brake₹ 16,400 * onwards
Siren 24T₹ 13,500 * onwards
Siren 26T₹ 15,350 * onwards
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Key Highlights of Hero Cycle

Popular ModelsLectro C3 SS 26 Inch, Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch), Lectro Clix SS, Lectro Kinza 7S, Lectro EHX20
Most ExpensiveLectro EHX20 (₹ 1.35 Lakh)
Affordable ModelLectro C3 SS 26 Inch (₹ 26,999), Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) (₹ 28,999)
Lowest Price ModelSiren 24T (₹ 13,500)

Hero Cycle Owner Reviews

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  • A
    7 Month ago
    I buy I really happy with price at CSD canteen I will recommend to buy to all it will save fuel I need accessories like bell and carrier which can be used for purchase and carry some material also required good pump that gives in house happiness and enjoying lot
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  • Lk
    Lokesh kumart
    7 Month ago
    I thin this is very good product Bcs daily cycling no pollution and daily health is so better' I love cycling bcs early morning for do my cycle exercise from me hero cycling is very comfortable and smooth bcs hero a brillant company that's is my review thank you so much
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  • KD
    Khashti Devi
    7 Month ago
    This cycle is value for money it style is sporty it comes with best feature and material its build quality is excellent I'm excited to purchase it because it is best cycle and I am impressed about its feature it is best feature cycle in this price segment that why
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  • A
    8 Month ago
    Amazing cycle ever seen this it's a very good quality cycle i have never seen this type of cycle in ever my life I used every cycle but when I used hero lectro c6v it was a good experience in c6v it's comfortable and Affordable. It's very gorgeous cycle i ever seen
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  • a
    9 Month ago
    best cycle i have ever seen for kids..must recommend to buy
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