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Hercules cycles price start at Rs. 4.60 K for the cheapest model the Tashan CP Black while the HARDLINER is the most expensive model with a price of Rs. 18.25 K. Hercules offers 106 new cycle models. Out of 106 models, 5 cycles are in women category, 12 cycles are in teens category, 65 cycles are in mountain category, 19 cycles are in road category, 1 cycles are in geared category, 1 cycles are in hybrid category and 3 cycles are in city category.

Hercules Cycle Price List (September 2023) in India

The price of Hercules cycles in India ranges between Rs. 4.60 K to Rs. 18.25 K. Here are the prices of the top 5 Hercules cycles : Hercules Captain EX (Ladies) 26T Price at Rs. 6.83 K, Hercules Captain Surya (Gents) 26T Price at Rs. 6.65 K, Hercules Captain Surya (Ladies) 26T Price at Rs. 6.22 K, Hercules WARCRY Price at Rs. 16.00 K, Hercules WARCRY Single Speed Price at Rs. 15.35 K.

Hercules ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Captain EX (Ladies) 26T6,830 * onwards
Captain Surya (Gents) 26T6,650 * onwards
Captain Surya (Ladies) 26T6,220 * onwards
WARCRY16,000 * onwards
WARCRY Single Speed15,350 * onwards
Fugitive 27516,750 * onwards
A7518,150 * onwards
FUGITIVE17,200 * onwards
A3017,550 * onwards
HARDLINER17,650 * onwards
Black Hunter ZX 24T10,335 * onwards
Streetcat Pro IC 26T7,980 * onwards
Top Gear Black Hunter 26T12,730 * onwards
Streetcat Pro 26T8,070 * onwards
Brut + ZX 26T9,130 * onwards
Streetcat Pro IC 24T7,860 * onwards
Streetcat Pro DX2 24T9,620 * onwards
FX100 DX2 26T10,825 * onwards
Dynamite ZX 26T9,370 * onwards
Photon Aspire 26T7,385 * onwards
Photon EX 26T7,165 * onwards
Trail fire HT Turbodrive 26T9,050 * onwards
Trail fire RF NV 26T8,445 * onwards
Trailfire RF DBF 26T8,870 * onwards
Trailfire RF 26T8,485 * onwards
Trailfire HT 26T8,870 * onwards
Deadpool 2911,045 * onwards
Trailfire RF DX2 26T9,360 * onwards
STR2 29T15,230 * onwards
STR2 27.5T14,650 * onwards
STR1 26T13,950 * onwards
STR1 27.5T14,400 * onwards
STR1 29T14,995 * onwards
DADA 26T5,705 * onwards
Captain Shakti (Gents) 26T5,550 * onwards
SHONA 26T7,065 * onwards
Tashan 26T5,610 * onwards
Popular DTS DTT 28T5,050 * onwards
Popular DTS 28T5,600 * onwards
Popular DX 28T6,700 * onwards
Top Speed FX200 IC 26T9,440 * onwards
Flare RF 26T6,760 * onwards
Streetcat Pro DX2 26T9,130 * onwards
Top Speed FX200 DX2 26T10,530 * onwards
Streetcat Pro -NightVision8,355 * onwards
Thrasher RF 26T6,345 * onwards
Top Speed FX200 26T9,045 * onwards
Jackal ZX 26T8,010 * onwards
Kombat EX 26T7,745 * onwards
Kombat RF 24T6,925 * onwards
Kombat ZX 24T7,850 * onwards
Sparx RF 24T7,065 * onwards
Knight Hunter ZX 26T8,000 * onwards
Tashan CP Black4,600 * onwards
New Hercules 28T6,685 * onwards
Deadpool HT 27.5T10,385 * onwards
Brut + RF 24T7,785 * onwards
Brut + ZX 24T9,095 * onwards
StreetRider ZX 24T7,120 * onwards
Top Speed FX100 24T8,745 * onwards
Dynamite ZX 24T9,435 * onwards
Streetrider RF 24T6,400 * onwards
Streetcat Pro HT 24T8,730 * onwards
Top Gear FX200 26T12,255 * onwards
CX 70 18 Speed13,045 * onwards
Commander 26T5,985 * onwards
JR INDRA (Ladies) 26T5,430 * onwards
JR INDRA 26T6,220 * onwards
Captain Virat 26T6,785 * onwards
Rhino 26T6,785 * onwards
Rhino IC 26T5,950 * onwards
Rhino Shox 26T6,185 * onwards
Popular DTS (Gents) 26T5,560 * onwards
Popular DTS (Ladies) 26T5,585 * onwards
Shakti 28T5,900 * onwards
Shurveer 28T5,895 * onwards
Indra 28T6,220 * onwards
Philips 28T6,495 * onwards
Tashan DX Black6,725 * onwards
Tashan SP Black5,550 * onwards
Kombat RF 26T7,120 * onwards
Flarecity 26T7,380 * onwards
Brut + RF 26T7,885 * onwards
Top Speed FX200 DX2 26T Neon Green Rim10,350 * onwards
Jackal RF-NightVision 26T7,115 * onwards
Sparx RF 26T7,340 * onwards
Popular Singham HDT 28T6,830 * onwards
StreetRider ZX 26T7,340 * onwards
Top Speed FX100 26T8,930 * onwards
Top Speed FX100 26T Neon Orange Rim8,565 * onwards
Commander 28T5,765 * onwards
TASHAN DX Green5,695 * onwards
TASHAN SP Green5,565 * onwards
TASHAN CP Green4,620 * onwards
Black Hunter ZX 26T10,780 * onwards
Kombat ZX 26T8,020 * onwards
Black Hunter ZX DX2 26T11,640 * onwards
Captain EX (Gents) 26T6,840 * onwards
Deadpool HT DX2 27.5T11,200 * onwards
Streetrider RF 26T6,510 * onwards
Neo RF 24T8,280 * onwards
FX300 HT12,000 * onwards
RP 17 HT DX212,710 * onwards
A220 HT15,605 * onwards
FX390 HT12,245 * onwards
Top Speed Dirtrider11,200 * onwards
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Key Highlights of Hercules Cycle

Popular ModelsTashan CP Black, New Hercules 28T, Deadpool HT 27.5T, Brut + RF 24T, Brut + ZX 24T
Most ExpensiveHARDLINER (₹ 18,250)
Affordable ModelTashan CP Black (₹ 4,600)

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Hercules Cycle Owner Reviews

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  • Bb
    Basavaraj borikhan
    07 Sep 2023
    Review for Hercules TASHAN CP Black
    Very nicely cheapest and best cycle Very good mailage
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  • K
    1 Month ago
    Review for Hercules Captain Virat 26T
    Good Experience
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  • D
    3 Month ago
    Review for Hercules Photon Aspire 26T
    Good colour and we'll tools.good breaks,we'll handles,chain we'll,ceat.
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  • S
    3 Month ago
    Review for Hercules StreetRider ZX 26T
    Budget type but proper servivce centre wanted talented rmechanics wanted
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  • AG
    Arya Ghosh
    4 Month ago
    Review for Hercules Rhino 26T
    Hercules Captain Rhino- I have been owning this cycle since 2017. It has been 6 years ... And it has served me a lot with a very low costing maintenance.... In this 6 years i haven't need to change any parts except tyres and brake pads.. Overall A great product in low price range.. It costed me Rs. 4500 including GST in Belgharia, Kolkata....
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