Hero Rafale 24T RS

    Hero Rafale 24T RS

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    ₹ 6,320

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    Hero Rafale 24T RS Base V-Brakes,24X2.125 ₹ 6,320

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    The Hero Rafale 24T RS is one of the different models from the house of Hero.The Frog ARSENAL has RIGID Suspension/Fork making it a very comfortable bicycle to ride.24X2.125 wheel of the bicycle is equipped with V-Brakes.The tyre size is 24X2.125.Some of the main rivals include the Hercules StreetRider ZX 26T and Hercules TASHAN DX Green.

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    Hero FAQs

    • What gear system has been used in Rafale 24T RS?

      Rafale 24T RS uses Single Speed gear system.

    • Which is a better cycle, Rafale 24T RS or Hazel 26T?


    • Which are the closest competition cyles of Rafale 24T RS?

      The closest competition of Rafale 24T RS are Hazel 26T, Summer ASC 26T, Trin Trin 12T PINK.

    • Does Rafale 24T RS has cycles with gears?

      Rafale 24T RS has model of cycles with gears.

    • What is the price of Rafale 24T RS?

      Rafale 24T RS is priced at ₹6,320.00 in New Delhi. The final price of the Rafale 24T RS will depend upon the showroom price offered by the dealer.The dealer may offer additional accessories at additional cost or may bundle it within the final price.