Car Battery Drained Out? Reasons That Lead To Drainage Of Battery!

Nitin Kadian

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

10 Jan 2021

Drainage of battery is not as big a problem as the failure of the engine. However, it does result in inadequate and irritating ill-functionality of the car in general, as a variety of systems in your car rely on the battery of your car. While most of the times it is seen that a faulty battery is behind such issues, there can be other reasons which may lead to car battery drained out in the longer run. Here are the top five reasons that you should know about car battery problems.

Car battery Drained Out

Following are the major reasons which can lead to drainage of a battery of your car:-
1. Worn out battery  Like all the components of a vehicle, the battery of your car also has a predefined life period, which is generally 3-4 years for passenger cars. Once the battery nears the end of its life cycle, all the electrical functions of your car start performing with reduced efficiency.
2. Ignition system or lights turned on for long  This happens at times when we have paused for a while in order to communicate with another person, or have mistakenly kept the lights in on condition after locking the vehicle. Also, the cabin lights might remain on when you do not close the doors properly. While there are many modern cars which prohibit this condition to arise, you should still be aware of these situations.

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3. Faulty alternator  An alternator in your vehicle converts the mechanical energy of your cars engine into electrical energy, and relies a lot on battery for the mutual performance of each other. If the alternator turns faulty, the battery interconnected to it will also get affected, as it will suffer from the additional load transferred by the alternator.
4. Electrical malfunctioning  There are rare situations when the electrically operated systems such as the audio system and instrument console can remain on even after you turn off the vehicle and lock it. Primarily known as an electrical drain, it will keep on utilizing the batterys charge and eventually drain it if the engine is not turned on or this problem is not rectified.

Car Battery Drained Out

5. Inconsistent functioning of the charging system  Both the battery as well as alternator are major parts of the charging system of your car, which does have a major role of the electronic control unit too. In any way, if the charging of the battery or the functioning alternator becomes inconsistent due to any malfunction occurred in the ECU, it might result in gradual loss of charge from the battery while you are driving.

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