Jaguar E Pace car

Jaguar E Pace

E Pace is a SUV car from Jaguar. Jaguar is expected to be launched at a price of Rs. ₹ 45.00 Lakh in Indian automobile market.

(Expected Price)

₹ 45.00 Lakh

Expected Launch Date : June 2022

Jaguar E Pace Specifications

  • Body Type


  • Fuel Type


Why Electric car

  • Cost Effective

    Lower Fuel Prices, No Registration Charges. Thus, 25-35% lower cost of ownership.


  • Eco Friendly

    Zero Tailpipe Emissions. Thus, 30-40% reduction in pollution caused.


  • Minimal Maintenance

    Lesser Moving parts means lower overall maintenance costs.


  • Fun to Drive

    Easier manoeuvrability, Ease of Driving.

  • Future of Mobility

    Evolving Battery Technology, IoT Driven Mobility

Jaguar E Pace Overview

The new Jaguar E pace provides an interesting option to the customers in the growing segment for premium-badged compact SUVs. It is part of the famous British brand’s lineup, which sees an ambitious crossover of SUVs and luxury cars. The relatively compact Jaguar E Pace fits comfortably between the electrical I-Pace and the larger and conventional F-Pace. The Jaguar E-pace is expected to fall in the price bracket of Rs50 lakhs to Rs 60 lakhs, which is undoubtedly in the pricier range.

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Jaguar E Pace Detailed Review

  • E Pace Performance

    The E-Pace boasts a Turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain, the P250 generates over 246 horsepower and the P300 adds another 50 for a total of 296 horsepower. As the P250 is heavier, it leads to slower acceleration at times. It’s also one of the thriftiest rides of its class earning a rating of 20 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. Being taller and heavier than other SUVs it doesn’t tend to bend as smoothly around the turns. The steering is quite balanced making it easier to take turns around in cities. Front-wheel drive is only available with the entry-level D165. All the other models get four-wheel drive making it more stable in tough conditions.


    There are no issues with the performance.

  • E Pace Exterior

    Unlike rival brands that merely shrink the larger models to create more compact SUVs, Jaguar has opted to create something different with their E-Pace. The E-Pace takes inspiration from the F-Type sports coupe which is noticeable when you look into the details. The ovoid headlights, wraparound tail-lights, the muscular rear haunches, and the wheels that are pushed as close to the extremities of the car all draw strong parallels to the fore mentioned F-Type. The Dashboard crossbars are made of magnesium and aluminium is used for the bonnet, tailgate, and front wings. The only downside to this is that it increases the weight of the E-Type making it heavier than its peers. It is perhaps the car’s proportions that make it look curiously tall.


    The exterior of the car is bold and stylish.

  • E Pace Interior

    The interior of the car conveys how Jaguar wanted the E-Pace to feel like one of its sports cars, how the cockpit is angled towards the driver and is separated for the passenger gives it a sporty feel. The ‘Siena Tan Windsor’ leather over the sloping dashboard and which covers much of its interior grabs your attention immediately. Neatly integrated into the dashboard is Jaguar’s TouchPro infotainment which uses a 10inch touchscreen, providing you with a plethora of useful information including fuel economy statistics and GPS. The E-Pace is ideal for families and long journeys as it has enough room for comfortable travel, though the seat fold-ability could be better. As per the quality of the materials used thought the E-pace looks reasonably posh at first glance, but under closer inspection, the E-pace falls short as compared to its rivals. The usage of vinyl and questionable plastics around the dashboard and buttons isn’t as classy as its premium-badged rivals.


    The interior is comfortable with a few rooms of improvement.

  • E Pace Ride & Handling

    The hybrid technologies and the powerful engine gives off a comfortable ride even at high speed. Though the pickup rate is a bit decreased due to its heavy nature, it has a good hold on the ground. It is well suited for long journeys and family trips. The infotainment and steering are easy to use as well.


    Overall the car provides a great ride.

  • E Pace Safety

    The E-Pace offers a lot of modern safety pieces of equipment and driver assistant technologies including 360-degree cameras, adaptive cruise control, and self-parking assist that can control the steering wheel to ease challenging parking conditions. The Jaguar E-Pace hasn’t been crash-tested by the National Highway Traffic safety administration or the insurance Institute for Highway Safety yet. But looking at its safety features, it is likely to get a good rating.


    The car is equipped with multiple safety features.

Jaguar E Pace Gallery

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  • Jaguar E Pace car image

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Jaguar E Pace FAQs

  • What is going to be the price of upcoming Jaguar E Pace?

    The tentative price of the upcoming Jaguar E Pace is going to be around Rs 45.00 Lakh.

  • When is the Jaguar E Pace cars going to be launched in India?

    Jaguar E Pace car is expected to be launched around June, 2022.

  • Which are the key features expected in the upcoming Jaguar E Pace?

    Jaguar E Pace is expected to be coming with Body type SUV.

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