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Komaki TN-95 Questions and Answers

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  • Updated On 01 Sep 2023

    Where can i find Komaki bike dealership for Komaki TN-95 in Hoskote?

    Komaki TN-95 is an electric scooter which is available in Indian market. To know the dealerships details, booking information, purchase process and delivery status, please visit official website of Komaki. For more information, please click here

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    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert01 Sep 2023
  • Updated On 10 Months ago

    What is the top speed of Komaki TN-95 ?

    The Komaki TN-95 comes with a top speed of 65to70 kmph.

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert10 Months ago
  • Updated On 10 Months ago

    What is the max speed of Komaki TN-95?

    The Komaki TN-95 comes with a Max speed of 40 Kmph.

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert10 Months ago
  • Updated On 11 Months ago

    Does komaki tn-95 comes with navigation?

    The Komaki TN-95 comes with smartphone connectivity with turn-by-turn navigation.

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert11 Months ago
  • Updated On 1 Year ago

    which company is Komaki?

    KLB Komaki Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 23 Nov, 1987. It's a private unlisted company and is classified as'company limited by shares'. KLB Komaki Private Limited - Manufacturer from Japan, New Delhi, India.

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert1 Year ago
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  • sc
    sharavanan cp
    25 Sep 2023
    Japanese technology extra super mailege extra large size good
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  • JA
    Joynal Abdin
    1 Year ago
    This is an off-road kinda Electric scooter from Komaki.It's massive alloys.are incredible.
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    Likes (2)
  • SK
    Sachiv Kumar
    1 Year ago
    This’s an off-road kinda Electric scooter from Komaki. It has got massive alloys
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