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Epluto 7G Questions and Answers

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  • B
    29 Nov 2023
    It has a strong 1200W BLDC motor that operates efficiently and with great torque. With a top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph), this motor makes the scooter appropriate for city transportation.
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  • B
    29 Nov 2023
    Its aerodynamically shaped design is sleek and contemporary. For increased stability and comfort, it features a telescopic front suspension system and a sturdy steel frame.
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  • Ms
    M shendge
    24 Nov 2023
    It is equipped with a powerful 1200W BLDC motor that provides high torque and efficient performance. This motor enables the scooter to reach a top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph), making it suitable for urban commuting.
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  • S
    24 Nov 2023
    It features a sleek and modern design with aerodynamic contours. It has a robust steel frame and a telescopic front suspension for enhanced stability and comfort.
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  • A
    1 Month ago
    Review not of this dealer but still relevant. I have plenty of issues with my pure ev epluto7g but the primary one is the battery. If you are thinking of saving some money by buying a electric vehicle, don't buy a pure EV. My vehicle has been giving me range issues after less than a year of buying. I Even kept the vehicle with them for 30-45 days Even after which there is issue with range. Now My vehicle is just giving range of 45-55 km after which it has 1-2 bars. This after riding 90% of time in mode 1 which has top speed of around 34-35. When complained to the dealer they took 3 days to check if they need to send it to the company and said it will take again 1.5 months for pure ev to repair the battery. What I am supposed to do during that time. Take non existent public transport ? Why did I buy a scooter then? I have written about this to the company executives 100s of time but no response. The dealer even claims that even after repair I should only expect range of 75 in mode one and 2 and lower (around 60) if driven in mode 3. Why did I buy this vehicle? Even now the vehicle is with service centre but now company is asking customer to pay and replace the battery. This when battery is under warranty!!! Please read the previous statement again!!
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