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Roadeo cycles price start at Rs. 12.02 K for the cheapest model the Hardtail Warcry Single Speed 24T while the A85 27.5T is the most expensive model with a price of Rs. 20.01 K. Roadeo offers 27 new cycle models. Out of 27 models, 22 cycles are in geared category, 1 cycles are in city category and 4 cycles are in mountain category.

Roadeo Cycle Price List (December 2023) in India

The price of Roadeo cycles in India ranges between Rs. 12.02 K to Rs. 20.01 K. Here are the prices of the top 5 Roadeo cycles : Roadeo Turner Dual Disc 26T Price at Rs. 13.04 K, Roadeo Turner V-Brake 26T Price at Rs. 12.06 K, Roadeo NFS 29T Price at Rs. 18.51 K, Roadeo NFS 27.5T Price at Rs. 18.21 K, Roadeo Fugitive 29T Price at Rs. 16.56 K.

Roadeo ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Turner Dual Disc 26T₹ 13,035 * onwards
Turner V-Brake 26T₹ 12,060 * onwards
NFS 29T₹ 18,510 * onwards
NFS 27.5T₹ 18,210 * onwards
Fugitive 29T₹ 16,560 * onwards
Fugitive 27.5T₹ 16,110 * onwards
Hardliner 29T₹ 17,610 * onwards
Hardliner 27.5T₹ 17,010 * onwards
Warcry Single Speed 29T₹ 13,485 * onwards
Warcry Single Speed 27.5T₹ 13,110 * onwards
Fugitive Single Speed 29T₹ 13,935 * onwards
Warcry 29T₹ 15,660 * onwards
Warcry 27.5T₹ 15,360 * onwards
Hank 27.5T₹ 16,560 * onwards
Volkan 27.5T Black₹ 18,510 * onwards
A85 27.5T₹ 20,010 * onwards
Hardtail Warcry Single Speed 26T₹ 12,473 * onwards
Hardtrail 26T A76₹ 18,135 * onwards
Hardtrail A75 26T₹ 17,535 * onwards
Hardtail A30 26T₹ 16,935 * onwards
Hardtrail Fugitive 26T₹ 15,285 * onwards
Hardtail Warcry 26T₹ 14,685 * onwards
Hardtail Warcry Single Speed 24T₹ 12,023 * onwards
Hardtrail Warcry 24T₹ 14,085 * onwards
Hardtail Hank 24T₹ 14,835 * onwards
A65 26T₹ 14,550 * onwards
A65 24T₹ 13,950 * onwards
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Key Highlights of Roadeo Cycle

Popular ModelsTurner Dual Disc 26T, Turner V-Brake 26T, NFS 29T, NFS 27.5T, Fugitive 29T
Most ExpensiveA85 27.5T (₹ 20,010)
Affordable ModelHardtail Warcry Single Speed 24T (₹ 12,023)

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    Rishit Pandey
    1 Year ago
    Review for Roadeo Fugitive Single Speed 29T
    nice bike, i have been using it since 10 years and it is working fine till surely u can consider this if u r searching for a new bike
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Roadeo FAQs

What are the best Roadeo Cycles in India?

The top 5 Roadeo Cycles in India are Roadeo Turner Dual Disc 26T, Roadeo Turner V-Brake 26T, Roadeo NFS 29T, Roadeo NFS 27.5T and Roadeo Fugitive 29T.

Which is the cheapest Roadeo Cycle in India?

Roadeo Turner V-Brake 26T, priced at ₹ 12,060 is the cheapest Roadeo Cycle in India.

Which is the most expensive Roadeo Cycle in India?

Roadeo NFS 29T, priced at ₹ 18,510 is the most expensive Roadeo Cycle in India.