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There are 27 cycle models available from Roadeo in India. Most expensive Roadeo model is Roadeo A85 27.5T which is priced at Rs. 20.01 K. On the lower end, Roadeo Hardtail Warcry Single Speed 24T is the least expensive model which will cost you Rs. 12.02 K. These prices are indicative and may vary. Don't forget to check best Roadeo offers available near you.

Looking at the Roadeo cycles popularity, Roadeo Fugitive 29T is the highly demanded cycle model right now. It has Dual-disc 160mm rotor plates brakes, Double-walled alloy XMR rim wheels, Soft PU XMR saddle with themed graphics seat, and Plastic body alloy cage pedals.

Here is a brief summary of other popular Roadeo cycle models:

Roadeo cycle Price List in India 2021

Roadeo cycle modelsPrice
Fugitive 29T16.56 K
A65 26T14.55 K
Hardliner 29T17.61 K
NFS 29T18.51 K
Warcry 29T15.66 K
Turner V-Brake 26T12.06 K
NFS 27.5T18.21 K
Fugitive 27.5T16.11 K
Hardliner 27.5T17.01 K
Warcry Single Speed 27.5T13.11 K

Check below the list of all cycle models offered by Roadeo in 2021:

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Roadeo Cycles Questions & Answers

  • Question for Roadeo NFS 29T

    What is the weight of Roadeo NFS 29er

    The weight of Roadeo NFS29ER is around 20kgs. However do visit the nearest dealership to check the cycle in details and addition of any kind of accessories may add weight to the cycle

    91Wheels Expert
    On: 6 September 2021
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  • Question for Roadeo Hardliner 27.5T

    What material is used to manufacture the frame of a Roadeo Hardliner 2021 27.5T?

    Hello there, The Roadeo Hardliner 27.5T comes with a robust steel frame.

    91Wheels Expert
    On: 5 August 2021
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  • Question for Roadeo Turner Dual Disc 26T

    Can I get a new cycle from because I don't know I'm new here and I want one

    Hi, we do not deal with buying, selling or exchanging the cycles.

    91Wheels Expert
    On: 7 July 2021
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