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Tata Stryder offers a range of cycle in India, with 132 models currently available. At Rs. 4.55 K, the Rim Jhim 14T is the cheapest Tata Stryder cycle, while the NX30 29T 21 Speed is the most expensive. The newest model in the Tata Stryder lineup is the Canary 14T which starts at a price of Rs. 5.81 K.
Of the 132 models, 3 are kids, 6 are mountain, 2 are city and 1 are geared.

Tata Stryder Cycle Price List (July 2024) in India

The price of Tata Stryder cycles in India ranges between Rs. 4.55 K to Rs. 22.37 K. Here are the prices of the top 5 Tata Stryder cycles : Tata Stryder Canary 14T Price at Rs. 5.81 K, Tata Stryder Amber 16T Price at Rs. 6.21 K, Tata Stryder Azure 20T Price at Rs. 6.50 K, Tata Stryder Midnight 24T Price at Rs. 11.80 K, Tata Stryder Olive 26T Price at Rs. 8.37 K.

Tata Stryder ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Canary 14T₹ 5,810 * onwards
Amber 16T₹ 6,210 * onwards
Azure 20T₹ 6,505 * onwards
Midnight 24T₹ 11,805 * onwards
Olive 26T₹ 8,365 * onwards
Scarlet 26T₹ 9,475 * onwards
Suntastic 26T₹ 10,540 * onwards
Caspian 27.5T₹ 13,000 * onwards
Shadow 29T₹ 13,275 * onwards
Glacier 700C₹ 11,530 * onwards
Gelon 24T₹ 13,045 * onwards
Gelon 24T (3 Inch) Tyres₹ 13,700 * onwards
Hector 24T₹ 11,065 * onwards
NX-XUS 24T₹ 11,905 * onwards
Gelon 26T₹ 13,395 * onwards
Gelon 26T (3.00 Tyres)₹ 14,375 * onwards
Gelon 26T (3.00 Tyres) 21 Speed₹ 17,385 * onwards
Hector 26T₹ 11,900 * onwards
Hector 26T (21 Speed)₹ 15,960 * onwards
NX30 26T 21 Speed₹ 20,705 * onwards
NX-XUS 26T₹ 12,415 * onwards
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Key Highlights of Tata Stryder Cycle

Popular ModelsCanary 14T, Amber 16T, Azure 20T, Midnight 24T, Olive 26T
Most ExpensiveNX30 26T 21 Speed (₹ 20,705)
Affordable ModelCanary 14T (₹ 5,810), Amber 16T (₹ 6,210)
Lowest Price ModelCanary 14T (₹ 5,810)

Tata Stryder Cycle Owner Reviews

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  • D
    5 Month ago
    The cycle has nice grip, balance and style element. It is sturdy on smooth surface also. Height adjustable seat, smooth chain, color texts rather than sticker for brand logo and bearing on handle makes it premium.
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  • AS
    Alfer Sani
    6 Month ago
    The Tata Stryder NX-XUS 29T cycle offers a commendable blend of performance and durability. Its robust frame and 29-inch wheels provide a smooth ride, tackling varied terrains with ease. The 21-speed Shimano gears ensure versatile control, while the front suspension enhances comfort. The cycle's build quality is noteworthy, and its responsive braking system adds an extra layer of safety. Overall, the Tata Stryder NX-XUS 29T is a reliable choice for cycling enthusiasts seeking a sturdy and well-performing bike.
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  • A
    10 Month ago
    I love it,because it has dual suspension,it comes with a free lock and a free bell. I didn't liked the seat because it is very hard. It was value for money by the way. I bought it from a local store and because of its price I bought it. a cheap and good MTB bicycle. Well this perfect for kids also!
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  • MS
    Mahendra Srivastava
    10 Month ago
    It is very good and comfortable I wanted a new cycle and I saw this. It was my first Stryder bike I liked the dual suspension system.
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  • JR
    Jayant Reddy
    10 Month ago
    I will buy the cycle for my son on Dasahera festival
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