Electric Bikes in India

Currently, there are 84 electric bikes manufacturers in India with 25 bikes models in the market. Major Brands selling electric bikes in India are Hero Electric, Ola Electric, Ather, TVS, Avon. And Some of the popular electric bikes in India are Komaki Ranger, Komaki MX3, Cyborg Yoda, Cyborg GT 120, Oben EV Rorr.

Electric Bike modelsPriceElectric Range
Komaki RangerRs. 1.68 Lakh220 Km/Charge
Komaki MX3Rs. 95.00 K100 Km/Charge
Cyborg YodaRs. 1.85 Lakh150 Km/Charge
Cyborg GT 120Rs. 1.65 Lakh180 Km/Charge
Oben EV RorrRs. 1.03 Lakh200 Km/Charge
Kabira Mobility KM 4000Rs. 1.36 Lakh150 Km/Charge
Kabira Scooters KM 3000Rs. 1.27 Lakh120 Km/Charge
Tork KratosRs. 1.02 Lakh180 Km/Charge
One Electric KridnRs. 1.29 Lakh110 Km/Charge
Joy E-bike BeastRs. 2.42 Lakh110 Km/Charge
Revolt Motors RV 400Rs. 1.25 Lakh150 Km/Charge
Earth Energy EV Evolve RRs. 1.42 Lakh100 Km/Charge
Cyborg Bob-eRs. 95.00 K110 Km/Charge
Joy E-bike ThunderboltRs. 2.33 Lakh110 Km/Charge
Komaki M-5Rs. 99.00 K120 Km/Charge
Joy E-bike SkylineRs. 2.29 Lakh110 Km/Charge
Joy E-bike E-MonsterRs. 1.56 Lakh75 Km/Charge
Revolt Motors RV 300Rs. 95.00 K180 Km/Charge
Joy E-bike HurricaneRs. 2.33 Lakh75 Km/Charge
Srivaru Motors PranaRs. 2.35 Lakh126 Km/Charge
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