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Aprilia Storm 125 Questions and Answers

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Storm 125 Questions and Answers

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Aprilia Storm 125 Scooter Owner Reviews

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  • SK
    Sai Kumar
    3 Month ago
    The performance of the scooter is excellent and the design is also good its seats are also comfortable for long rides overall its an excellent bike.
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  • KG
    Kshitij Gulati
    11 Month ago
    Easy to ride & Good looking scooter
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  • AL
    Akram Luftaar
    1 Year ago
    I have recently bought this scooter and driven around 100 kms. everything seems perfect, gives the comfortable ride also.
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  • VS
    Vijendra Singh
    1 Year ago
    It looks like a sports scooter and gives a great riding experience. the scooter has a great looks too.
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  • PV
    Payal Vishnu
    1 Year ago
    This scooter has an amazing design plus excellent brakes. Love to ride the scooter on highways.
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