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  • Updated On 22 Nov 2023

    What is the gradeabilty of Komaki SE?

    The maximum speed of the Komaki SE high-speed electric scooter is 85 kmph. With a single charge, its range is 95–125 km. The scooter is equipped with a detachable lithium-ion battery pack and a 3 kW BLDC electric motor. To know more details about Kom

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert22 Nov 2023
  • Updated On 2 Months ago

    Where can i find Komaki bike dealership for Komaki SE in Guntur?

    In order to find Komaki dealership near you, it is advised to visit official website of Komaki. For booking, dealership, test drive, purchase, warranty, waiting period, delivery etc please visit official website of Komaki. For more details, please clcik on Komaki SE

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert2 Months ago
  • Updated On 3 Months ago

    What is the charging time required for Komaki SE?

    The charging time of Komaki SE is 4-5 hours. Komaki SE comes with 3 riding modes Eco, Sport and Sport Performance Upgrade. Komaki SE has 55-60 kmph speed and range is 75-90 km/charge in Eco mode, 75-80 kmph and range is 110-140 km/charge in Sport mod

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    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert3 Months ago
  • Updated On 4 Months ago

    Does Komaki SE has detachable battery?

    Komaki SE has removeable batteries. For more details, please click on Komaki SE

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert8 Months ago
  • Updated On 4 Months ago

    How much subsidy is available for Komaki SE?

    Komaki SE is an electric scooter which is available in Indian automobile market. Subsidy differs from state to state. In order to know the subsidy on Komaki SE, please get in touch with nearest Komaki dealership or RTO office in your city. You can al

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    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert8 Months ago
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  • JA
    Jabrul Ahmed
    1 Year ago
    Awesome bike.Loved it..Smooth ride,good mileage,with good features,normal bike size and cool looks.
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  • V
    2 Year ago
    Awesome bike..loved it..smooth ride n good mileage, with good features and normal bike size and cool looks
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