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  • Updated On 06 Feb 2024

    By visiting official website of Okinawa bike and making a reservation payment, you can make an online reservation for a Okinawa Lite. To reserve a Okinawa Lite in person, you can also visit to the Okinawa bikes dealership. To find the Okinawa bike de

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    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert06 Feb 2024
  • Updated On 6 Months ago

    Okinawa Lite is an electric scooter which is available in Indian automobile market. It is comfortable for rides. For more details, please click on Okinawa Lite

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert11 Months ago
  • Updated On 1 Year ago

    Brand has not yet revealed the weight of Okinawa Lite. It is suggested to wait till the brand makes an official statement about weight of Okinawa Lite. For more details, please click on Okinawa Lite

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert1 Year ago
  • Updated On 1 Year ago

    Okinawa is powered at 250W and top speed is 25km per hour and you need no license or registration in India for scooters that have their top speed capped at 25km per hour or has a motor of 250W or lower.

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert1 Year ago
  • Updated On 2 Years ago

    The Riding range of the Okinawa Lite is 60 Km/Charge. for more specification kindly visit Specification - Okinawa Lite

    91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert2 Years ago
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  • A
    4 Month ago
    not saying best but good with comfort
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  • md
    manbhanjan dash
    5 Month ago
    Excellent comfort but mileage should be better Led headlight is best in all ev market I think best scooter 2023
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  • Cm
    Cb mishra
    1 Year ago
    Its fantastic, mileage-wise and comfort on ride-wise.
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