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Jawa is an iconic name-plate in the Indian Motorcycling history. The Jawa Motorcycles were first introduced in India in the 1950s and the brand has a cult following till date. Mysore-based Indian motorcycle company Ideal Jawa Limited used to sell Jawa branded motorcycles in India from 1960s and Yezdi branded motorcycles from 1970s but in 1996 the company was obsoleted. The Icon made a comeback in the Indian market in 2018 as Mahindra and Mahindra through its subsidiary Classic Legends acquired the Jawa brand. Jawa Motorcycles currently has three motorcycles in its portfolio - Jawa Classic, Jawa 42 and the bobber Jawa Perak. The Jawa brand has a huge fan following and it has become immensely popular in its second inning in India within a short span of time.


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