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Pune-based Bajaj Auto is an Indian two-wheeler giant that now stands as the world’s largest three-wheeler manufacturer, India’s second-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the world’s third-largest two-wheeler maker. Bajaj Auto was founded in 1945 and it started selling imported two-wheelers and three-wheelers back then. Later, the company started its own manufacturing unit and in 1972 Bajaj launched its iconic scooter - Bajaj Chetak. Chetak was an affordable means of transportation for millions of Indian families for decades and is lovingly called ‘Hamara Bajaj.’ Bajaj Auto also made everyone say wow with its Pulsar series of motorcycles that debuted in 2001. The Pulsar brand completed its glorious 18 years of existence in 2019 and till date, more than one crore Pulsars have been sold worldwide. Bajaj Auto is also known for making versatile motorcycles ranging from entry-level commuters to sports motorcycles and even sports tourers and the Indian bike-maker enjoys good sales numbers of around 3 lakh units a month. Recently, Bajaj also rejuvenated the Chetak nameplate in India as an all-electric scooter and became the first mainstream Indian two-wheeler manufacturer to do so.


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