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Tesla is expected to offers a range of car in India, with 5 upcoming models.
The 5 upcoming models include the Model 3, Model S, Model Y, Model X and Model 2 scheduled to be launched in 2024.
Tesla ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)Mileage/Range
Model 3₹ 60.00 Lakh * onwards402 km/charge
Model S₹ 1.50 Cr * onwards646 km/charge
Model Y₹ 50.00 Lakh * onwards597 km/charge
Model X₹ 2.00 Cr * onwardsN/A
Model 2₹ 19.90 Lakh * onwardsN/A

Tesla Electric Car Price List (April 2024) in India

ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)Range
Model 3₹ 60.00 Lakh * onwards402 km/charge
Model S₹ 1.50 Cr * onwards646 km/charge
Model Y₹ 50.00 Lakh * onwards597 km/charge
Model X₹ 2.00 Cr * onwardsN/A
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  • Tesla Model 3Upcoming
    Tesla Model 3
    *Expected Price
    ₹ 60.00 - ₹ 70.00 Lakh*
    402 km/chargeElectric
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  • Tesla Model SUpcoming
    Tesla Model S
    *Expected Price
    ₹ 1.50 Cr*
    646 km/chargeElectric
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  • Tesla Model YUpcoming
    Tesla Model Y
    *Expected Price
    ₹ 50.00 Lakh*
    597 km/chargeElectric
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  • Tesla Model XUpcoming
    Tesla Model X
    *Expected Price
    ₹ 2.00 Cr*
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  • Tesla Model 2Upcoming
    Tesla Model 2
    *Expected Price
    ₹ 19.90 Lakh*
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Tesla Overview

Tesla, Inc., formerly known as Tesla Motors, is an American company renowned for its electric vehicles, solar panels, and energy storage solutions. Established in 2003 by entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, the company draws its name from the pioneering Serbian American inventor, Nikola Tesla. Tesla has gained worldwide recognition and prominence as a leading car brand. Tesla embarked on car production with its debut model, the Roadster sports car, in 2008. Subsequently, it introduced a range of vehicles: the Model S sedan (2012), the Model X SUV (2015), the Model 3 sedan (2017), the Model Y crossover (2020), and the Tesla Semi truck (2022). The company's next venture, the Cybertruck light-duty pickup truck, is slated for production in 2023. The Model 3 holds the title of the best-selling plug-in electric car worldwide, surpassing one million units sold globally in June 2021. Tesla achieved remarkable growth, delivering approximately 1.31 million vehicles in 2022, marking a 40% increase from the previous year. Cumulatively, the company has sold 4 million cars as of April 2023. In a milestone achievement, Tesla briefly attained a market capitalization of $1 trillion in October 2021, joining a select group of U.S. companies. As of 2023, Tesla has opened its first office space and is formulating a roadmap for its Indian debut.

Current State: While Tesla is planning to start its operation in India, it has set-up an office space in Pune. However, in international markets, it offers a choice of electric cars to its customers.It offers 4 vehicles namely Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and model X. While the range starts with the Model 3, it is subsequently followed by the Model Y, Model S, and the Model X in terms of price and positioning. Meanwhile, Tesla is reserving the Roadster and you can also book your Cybertruck from its official website.

Upcoming Cars: While the latest from the Tesla is Cybertruck and the Roadster, which are up for ordering and pre-booking respectively, the Indian market will receive the Model 3 as its first offering. This is keeping in ming that it is the entry level vehicle and will also help the carmaker to guage the response in the market. Will the brand set-up a manufacturing facility or brig in a CBU is still not known.

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Key Highlights of Tesla Car

Popular ModelsModel 3, Model S, Model Y, Model X, Model 2
Upcoming ModelsModel Y, Model X, Model 3, Model S, Model 2
Latest LaunchedModel 3,Model S,Model Y,Model X,Model 2
Most ExpensiveModel X (2.00 Cr)
Affordable ModelModel 2 (19.90 Lakh)
Lowest Price ModelModel 2 (19.90 Lakh)

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  • mm
    md mahtab
    4 Month ago
    Review for Tesla Model X
    One of the Model X's key strengths is its electric powertrain, providing exhilarating acceleration and a long electric range. The dual-motor all-wheel-drive system ensures excellent traction and stability in various driving conditions. The interior is both spacious and luxurious, featuring a minimalist design with a large touchscreen dominating the center console.
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Tesla FAQs

What are the upcoming Cars from Tesla?
Tesla is planning to launch Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model Y models in 2024-2025.
What body types will Tesla's upcoming models have?
Tesla will launch the models with 2 different body type(s): Sedan and Coupe.