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  • S
    3 Months ago

    I booked this vehicle in the month of feb22, they committed test drive on July 22, but Still there is no information, called them so many times, there is proper feedback and so arrogantly responding that you can cancel the order.
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  • VR
    4 Months ago

    I want toh Buy This Gravton Quanta Please Send me Ro contact No. for buy this bike
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  • A
    4 Months ago

    This is Kishore Kumar, No information about test rides & delivery's in Visakhapatnam. Company gives so many dates. No clarification for GRAVATON company... Haaaaa soooo sad about this so funny. I booked the bike in February 15 th 2022 first they tell to me delivered the vehicle in April 2022 now July month. I ask the GRAVATON customer so many times they tells so many dates. Customer also no clarification for the Vehicle about. They have to improve correct information to customer. Till now not lifting my phone & cutting my phone call suddenly, so many times. Bad customer service. Shameful GRAVATON. Bad service. I am disturbed why I pre book GRAVATON Quanta.
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  • JJ
    4 Months ago

    The look of the Gravton is really fantastic,the design is amazing, Specifications of the vehicle are amazing.
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  • AK
    5 Months ago

    This is one of the best EC to carry luggage and super range with basic features required.
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