Top 5 Highest Range Electric Scooters In India

Updated On: 18 October 2021 Nitin Kadian

With rising fuel costs and increasing ex-showroom prices of most of the scooters like the Honda Activa and the TVS Jupiter, the buyers are now slowly shifting towards electric scooters. The modern electric scooters not only offer dirt cheap running costs but also offer an extremely practical package. However, a number of electric scooters have made their debut in the Indian market which often leaves the buyers confused. If you are also in the market and plan to buy a new electric scooter, here is a list of the top 5 highest range electric scooters in India that you should check out.

Highest Range Electric Scooters In India

Gravton Quanta

Top 5 Highest Range Electric Scooters In India

Ex-showroom Price: INR 99,000

Claimed Range: 320 Km

The Quanta is the first product in the brand's line-up and boasts a 3kW in-house-built BLDC motor. This motor has a claimed peak torque output of 180 Nm at the wheel. The motor gets its power from a dual battery pack that boasts a claimed range of around 320 km at an average speed of 25 kmph. This makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a workhorse and wants to use the electric scooter inside the city. As of now, the scooter is only available in three cities - Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

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Simple Energy Simple One

Simple Energy One Electric Scooter Battery

Ex-Showroom Price: INR 1,09,999

Claimed Range: 236 km

The Simple Energy Simple one is not only one of the best looking scooters in the segment, but also offers among the highest range electric scooters in India. It is a great VFM proposition to those who are looking for a capable and reliable electric scooter. While the brand claims a maximum range of 236 km, one can expect a real-world range of around 203 km. Having said this, the scooter also boasts a removable 4.8 kWh battery pack and other features like music control, navigation, geofencing, etc. Those interested can book this scooter by paying a token amount of INR 1,497. While it is only available in Bengaluru, the brand is all set to launch in 13 more cities like Chennai and Hyderabad. In the next phase o expansion, the brand is targeting to launch the vehicle in 75 more cities in the next 5-7 months.

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Ola S1 Pro

Ola electric scooter book

Ex-Showroom Price: 1,29,999

Claimed Range: 181 km

The Ola S1 Pro is one of the most talked-about electric scooters in India. With a starting price of INR 1,29,999 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the S1 is definitely one of the most expensive scooters on our list. The S1 Pro gets a claimed range of 181 km and is powered by a 3.97 kWh. While charging via a fast charger, the S1 Pro can be charged to be used for 75 km in just 18 minutes. However, you will need 6 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge this scooter. In addition to this, the performance offered by this scooter too is impressive and better than many other rivals. While the scooter will be first launched in Bengaluru, the brand however aims to offer in it more than 1000 cities starting from October 2021.

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Hero Electric Nyx HX

Top 5 Highest Range Electric Scooters In India

Ex-Showroom Price: INR 62,954

Claimed Range: 165 km

With a starting price of INR 62,954, the Electric Nyx HX is one of the most affordable scooters on our list and offers impressive performance along with a very practical package. In addition to this, the scooter is being offered in the high-speed offerings in the brand's portfolio. The Hero Electric Nyx HX gets a 1.53 kWH portable battery pack and boasts a charging time of around 4-5 hours. The top speed however is limited to 42 kmph. For those interested, the Hero Electric Nyx HX also gets a foldable rear seat for luggage mounting at the rear. The Hero Electric Nyx HX is available in more than 25 states and is backed by dependable after-sales support from the brand. The scooter also happens to be one of the best when it comes to long term reliability.

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Okinawa i-Praise

Top 5 Highest Range Electric Scooters In India

Ex-Showroom Price: 1,09,000

Claimed Range: 139 km

The Okinawa i-Praise is one of the oldest products in the market and is powered by a 3.3 kWh lithium-ion battery. The scooter boasts a peak power output of 2.5kW from 1kW BLDC motor. Just like the Hero Electric Nyx HX, the Okinawa i-Praise too is backed by the brand's super strong dealership network across the country. A number of other more affordable scooters are also being offered by the brand. All these scooters not only offer an extremely attractive design but in addition to this, also come with a comfortable riding experience and supreme long term reliability.

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