What are the top competitors of Hero Electric Flash?

  • The Top compeitors for Hero Electric Flash are Benling India Aura, Bounce Infinity E1, Ola Electric S1 Air, Okinawa Lite, Hero Electric Optima, Zelio Eeva ZX, Ampere Magnus, M2GO X1, Ampere Reo, Komaki XGT KM. For more information, Kindly visit Hero Electric Flash.

Hero Electric Flash scooter
₹ 46,640 - ₹ 59,640*
(Price before discontinued)

Hero Electric Flash is Discontinued.

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Hero Electric Flash Questions and Answers

  • Updated on 2 Months ago

    What is the offer for Hero Electric Flash?

    Hi, As of now we do not have any offers going from our end for Hero Electric Flash. However we request you to contact the nearest dealer for the same as they may be running with some offers in the showroom. Following is the dealer located Dealers - Hero Electric Flash

    91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
    · 5 Months ago
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  • Updated on 3 Months ago

    Does hero electric flash comes with removable battery?

    The Hero Electric Flash has a lightweight Lithium-ion battery that can be removed whenever required.

    91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
    · 3 Months ago
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  • Updated on 3 Months ago

    To ride Hero Electric Flash do we need driving licences ?

    Hello there, The electric scooters that are powered by a 250-watt motor and has a top speed of 25 kmph can be ridden without a driving licence. This electric scooter does not require a drivers licence.

    91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
    · 2 Years ago
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  • Updated on 3 Months ago

    Hero Flash has a Tybeless Tyres?

    Hero Electric Flash doesn't have Tubeless tyres. It comes with Alloy Wheels. Please visit the given link for more detailsFlash

    91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
    · 1 Year ago
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  • Updated on 3 Months ago

    Which is the company of Hero electric?

    Hero MotoCorp, India's largest two-wheeler seller, has launched a brand for its electric vehicle (EV) segment to avoid legal complexities due to the ongoing arbitration with Hero Electric over the “Hero” brand name. Hero MotoCorp will launch its first two-wheeler scooter on July 1.

    91Wheels Expert91Wheels Expert
    · 5 Months ago
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Hero Electric Flash Scooter Owner Reviews

11 ratings and reviews
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  • AD
    Amalendu Das   (Verified)
    3 Months ago

    excellent running smooth head light brightness low
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  • A
    Ahirnitish   (Verified)
    7 Months ago

    This looks great and the maintenance cost is very low since it is an EV vehicle. It is the best option to buy.
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  • TB
    Tapesh Bothra   (Verified)
    7 Months ago

    Overall, the scooter's body quality is poor, and it begins to make noise after a few months of use.
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  • SJ
    Sachin Jha   (Verified)
    7 Months ago

    Electric scooters are a little more expensive than conventional scooters, and their performance isn't as good.
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  • K
    Kashish   (Verified)
    8 Months ago

    These scooters come in a variety of attractive colours. At this pricing point, the mileage is better than others.
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