What fuel options are available in Tata Nexon?

A. Tata Nexon is available in 2 fuel types Petrol and Diesel. Petrol version ranges from ₹ 8.15 Lakhs to ₹ 15 Lakhs and Diesel version ranges from ₹ 11.1 Lakhs to ₹ 15.8 Lakhs.

VariantPriceFuel Type
Smart8.15 LakhPetrol
Smart Plus9.20 LakhPetrol
Smart Plus S9.80 LakhPetrol
Pure9.80 LakhPetrol
Smart Plus AMT10.00 LakhPetrol
Pure S10.30 LakhPetrol
Pure AMT10.50 LakhPetrol
Pure S AMT11.00 LakhPetrol
Pure Diesel11.10 LakhDiesel
Creative11.10 LakhPetrol
Creative DT11.20 LakhPetrol
Creative Dark Petrol MT11.45 LakhPetrol
Pure S Diesel11.60 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus11.80 LakhPetrol
Pure Diesel AMT11.80 LakhDiesel
Creative AT11.80 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus DT11.90 LakhPetrol
Creative DT AT11.90 LakhPetrol
Creative Dark Petrol AMT12.15 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus Dark Petrol MT12.15 LakhPetrol
Creative DCA 12.30 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S12.30 LakhPetrol
Pure S Diesel AMT12.30 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus S DT12.40 LakhPetrol
Creative DCA DT12.40 LakhPetrol
FearlessPR DT12.50 LakhPetrol
Creative Diesel12.50 LakhDiesel
Fearless 12.50 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus AT12.50 LakhPetrol
Creative DT Diesel12.60 LakhDiesel
Fearless DT12.60 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus DT AT12.60 LakhPetrol
Creative DCA Petrol MT12.65 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S Dark Petrol MT12.65 LakhPetrol
Creative Dark Diesel MT12.85 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus Dark Petrol AMT12.85 LakhPetrol
Fearless Dark MT12.95 LakhPetrol
Fearless S13.00 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus DCA13.00 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S AT13.00 LakhPetrol
Fearless Plus13.00 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S AT DT13.10 LakhPetrol
Fearless S DT13.10 LakhPetrol
Creative Diesel AT13.10 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus DCA DT 13.10 LakhPetrol
Creative DT Diesel AT13.20 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus Diesel13.20 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus DT Diesel13.30 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus Dark Petrol DCA 13.35 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S Dark Petrol AMT13.35 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S DCA13.40 LakhPetrol
Creative Dark Diesel AMT13.45 LakhDiesel
FearlessPR Plus S DT13.50 LakhPetrol
Fearless Plus S13.50 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus Dark Diesel MT13.55 LakhDiesel
Fearless Plus S DT13.60 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S DT DCA13.60 LakhPetrol
FearlessPR DT DCA13.70 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S Diesel13.70 LakhDiesel
Fearless Plus S Dark Petrol MT13.80 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S DT Diesel13.80 LakhDiesel
Fearless DT DCA13.80 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S Dark Petrol DCA13.85 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus Diesel AT13.90 LakhDiesel
FearlessPR DT Diesel13.90 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus DT Diesel AT14.00 LakhDiesel
Fearless DT Diesel14.00 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus S Dark Diesel MT14.05 LakhDiesel
Fearless Dark Petrol DCA14.15 LakhPetrol
Fearless S DCA DT14.20 LakhPetrol
Fearless Plus DCA AT14.20 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus Dark Diesel AMT14.25 LakhDiesel
Fearless S DT DCA14.30 LakhPetrol
Fearless Dark Diesel MT14.35 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus S Diesel AT14.40 LakhDiesel
FearlessPR S DT Diesel14.40 LakhDiesel
Fearless S DT Diesel14.50 LakhDiesel
Creative Plus S DT Diesel AT14.50 LakhDiesel
FearlessPR DT Diesel AT14.60 LakhDiesel
Fearless DT Diesel AT14.70 LakhDiesel
Fearless Plus S DCA DT14.70 LakhPetrol
Creative Plus S Dark Diesel AMT14.75 LakhDiesel
Fearless Plus S DT DCA14.80 LakhPetrol
FearlessPR S DT Diesel AT15.00 LakhDiesel
Fearless Plus S Dark DCA15.00 LakhPetrol
Fearless Plus S DT Diesel15.00 LakhDiesel
Fearless Dark Diesel AMT15.05 LakhDiesel
Fearless S DT Diesel AT15.10 LakhDiesel
Fearless Plus S Dark Diesel MT15.20 LakhDiesel
FearlessPR Plus S DT Diesel AT15.50 LakhDiesel
Fearless Plus S Diesel DT At15.60 LakhDiesel
Fearless Plus S Dark Diesel AMT15.80 LakhDiesel

Key Features of Tata Nexon

  • Nexon Two Spoke Steering Wheel
    Two Spoke Steering Wheel

    The 2023 Tata Nexon is the first SUV by the brand with a new 2-spoke steering wheel featuring the illuminated Tata logo. Additionally, the steering-mounted switches have undergone a redesign to complement the updated steering design.

  • Nexon 10.25-inch Touchscreen Infotainment
    10.25-inch Touchscreen Infotainment

    The 2023 Nexon facelift introduces an upgraded 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system featuring wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. This advanced infotainment system is provided by Harman and includes a remarkable audio setup with 9 JBL speakers and a subwoofer. It also boasts Connected technology with IRA 2.0.

  • Nexon 10.25-inch Digital Instrument Cluster
    10.25-inch Digital Instrument Cluster

    As part of the facelift, Tata has introduced a fresh instrument cluster for the Nexon, featuring a spacious 10.25-inch digital display. This comprehensive cluster provides a wealth of information, including speed, tachometer readings, fuel level, and various other details. Additionally, the new cluster supports a navigation display feature.

  • Nexon 360-degree Camera With Blind View Monitoring
    360-degree Camera With Blind View Monitoring

    The Nexon is the first sub-4 meter SUV to incorporate a 360-degree camera system, bolstering safety measures. Furthermore, it features a blind-spot monitoring system, contributing to enhanced safety. The Nexon facelift also boasts an array of upgraded safety features.

  • Nexon Ventilated Leatherette Seats
    Ventilated Leatherette Seats

    The Nexon now proudly showcases ventilated leatherette seats from Benecke-Kaliko in the front row. These seats offer an elevated level of comfort and luxury, surpassing those of the previous generation.

  • Nexon 7-Speed DCA With E-Shifter
    7-Speed DCA With E-Shifter

    The Tata Nexon facelift is now equipped with a 7-speed DCA gearbox paired with a turbocharged petrol engine. This gearbox features an e-shifter and paddle shifters for enhanced convenience, while the monostable shifter improves ergonomics for a smoother driving experience.

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Tata Nexon
₹ 8.15 - ₹ 15.80 Lakh *
*Ex-showroom Price in New Delhi
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  • D
    13 Apr 2024
    Mind blowing performance if had no issue in driving it was fabulous great work against road.
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  • Ba
    Bharat ambekar
    01 Apr 2024
    Amazing car. Safety is good. Mindblowing on road performance, mileage is good. All over good car. Harman music system is good
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  • Sm
    Saket mishra
    30 Mar 2024
    Best car in my range which is under 10 lakhs.
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  • KP
    Kiran Pradhan
    29 Mar 2024
    Best vehicle I've ever owned. The best car under budget is this one. Both this model and this car appeal to me. I'm grateful, Tata Motors.
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  • TS
    Thurubilli Sai
    28 Mar 2024
    A compact SUV with a combination of features, performance, and style is the Tata Nexon. All things considered, the Tata Nexon is a very attractive, well-equipped, and secure small SUV choice.
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