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Now Rent an Ather 450 Electric Scooter During Lockdown in India - Details

Shakti Nath Jha

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

27 May 2020

Bengaluru-based electric two-wheeler start-up Ather Energy has partnered with the app-based ride-sharing platform Bounce to promote the use of electric vehicles in India. Both the companies have joined hands together for this tech-based ride-sharing program. A few weeks ago, Bounce has introduced a new P2P (Peer to Peer) initiative called 'ScooterHero' which allows people to rent & share their idle personal bikes during the lockdown. Now, Ather Energy has partnered with this company and so the users can now rent & share the new Ather 450 Electric Scooter in India and here are all the details about it.

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rent ather 450 electric scooter

Bounce has been using this platform since one month now and currently, the users renting scooters/bikes via the Bounce app need to pick up the vehicle from a designated location. However, things will be a bit different with Ather electric scooters. The interested customers can list their Ather 450 Electric Scooter on the Bounce website and the users will pick up and drop it back directly to the owners. This unique ride-sharing program has currently been launched only in Bengaluru and is in operation from May 25, 2020.

In order to avail the benefits of this one of a kind program, the customers will first have to book the Ather 450 through the Bounce app and once it is commercially registered, it is ready to be listed on the Bounce's ride-sharing platform. The Ather 450 can be purchased via Bounce's website by paying a booking amount of Rs. 499 and the deliveries will commence on a priority basis post the lockdown. The Bounce customers can rent the E-scooter on an hourly or daily basis and the owners will be remunerated for that time period.

ather energy showroom ather grid bengaluru

The owners as well as the users of the Ather scooter can also monitor the health of their electric two-wheeler with the help of the Ather app and its cloud connectivity & connected telematics. Moreover, the leased Ather 450 electric scooters will also be eligible for free fast charging at 38 Ather Grid points spread across the length and breadth of the Bengaluru city for one year. Also, the scooters will be delivered with a regular portable charger that can be used at any 5A plug point.

Speaking on the partnership, Tarun Mehta, Co-founder & CEO, Ather Energy, said, "We have always offered unique purchase models that have been designed to make ownership hassle-free. This partnership with Bounce allows our owners to decrease their overall cost of ownership and break even on their investment faster. The Ather scooters are designed on a connected and intelligent platform and the transition to a rideshare use has been seamless. The connectivity will increase the confidence of Ather owners and Bounce renters both, to sign up for the program."

ather 450x electric scooter price in india

Vivekananda Hallekere, Co-founder & CEO, Bounce, also added, "The current way of owning a vehicle and using it only for a few hours a day puts a lot of stress on the entire ecosystem including parking. Bounce brings in trust to enable people to share assets. During times of COVID when public transport won't be ideal, driverless solutions will help move people. It will also enable people to generate cost from existing assets."

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So, this was all about the Rent & Use system of Ather 450 Electric Scooter. Do you prefer such ride-sharing platforms? Do tell us in the comments below.

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