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Bajaj Avenger Street 160 Bike Owner Reviews

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  • N
    Nabarun   (Verified)
    4 Months ago

    Excellent comfort and mileage and have already ran 60000 km.
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  • PS
    Pramesh Sasmal   (Verified)
    4 Months ago

    Good for mileage in 160cc engine
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  • PT
    Pranali Torkey   (Verified)
    8 Months ago

    Good I like it very much. Thanks to Avenger makes me feel great.
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  • PM
    Pritesh Mishra   (Verified)
    9 Months ago

    Great bike with best in class comfort. Cost efficient.
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  • VG
    Varun Gupta   (Verified)
    11 Months ago

    Engine has good mid-range
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Bajaj Avenger Street 160 Expert Verdict

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 Detailed Review

  • Avenger Street 160 Looks and Design 8 /10

    The Bajaj Avenger was designed to be a cruiser bike from the beginning. Customers who seek a cruiser bike with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine were catered to by the low-slung design. However, the compact shape of the Avenger Street 160 offers more convenience of riding in cities as well as improved fuel efficiency. It has many wonderful qualities, including a contemporary street style appearance. It has a stylish headlamp and LED DRLs, which shine brighter and light up 0.2 seconds quicker than incandescent lights. It also has a low, long seat that gives it the impression of a star. It has extended handlebars for street control. Additionally, it has alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are less demanding on the engine because they weigh less than spoked wheels. They require less energy to move because they are light, which enhances the performance of the engine.


    It's a cruiser bike with a stunning design and appearance. It features a good finish and a long seat for additional comfort, but the look is comparable to the previous model. In addition, the build quality isn't great. It does not come with a windscreen.

  • Avenger Street 160 Dimensions 7 /10

    Comparatively slender and sleek, the Avenger Street 160's dimensions are smaller than the Avenger 220. Its dimensions were created to make it more practical and simple to ride in city traffic. The bike is 2210 mm long. It also features 169 mm of ground clearance. It is 806 mm broad and 1070 mm tall. The saddle height is 737 mm, and the bike's kerb weight is 156 kg. Its wheelbase is 1490 mm. The bike is more manoeuvrable in congested city traffic due to the low wheelbase.


    The bike's dimensions are good and sufficient, allowing the rider to have a pleasant experience.

  • Avenger Street 160 Engine and Performance 8 /10

    The Bajaj Avenger Street 160 engine was created with city riding in mind. The 160cc engine has enough power and torque to allow for comfortable riding both inside the city and outside. Unexpectedly, this engine is also fairly fuel-efficient. This motorcycle is propelled by a 4-stroke engine, which is cleaner and more effective. In addition, 4-stroke engines feature an efficient lubrication system that enables them to operate very cleanly and at low power. It sports a 160cc engine and a fuel injection system with controlled FI. It produces higher power while using less fuel. It enhances throttle responsiveness and increases engine longevity. It benefits the environment as well. It is a fearsome street bike with a maximum power output of 14.7 bhp at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque production of 13.7Nm at 5500 rpm.

    It is powered by an air-cooled engine with a simple design and is lightweight. It requires less attention and upkeep. Because it does not have cylinder jackets or radiator water tubes, it also works in harsh environments when there is even a scarcity of water. This is also why there is no chance of frost damage. It features a twin-spark, which means it has a higher performance as well as good fuel efficiency because the combustion is at an optimal level. Also, in this type of engine, the problem of engine locking, backfire and vibration is resolved. They are a good option in extreme weather. 



    It has a tuned engine that is environmentally friendly, which is one of the most significant features nowadays. Additionally, the fuel efficiency is excellent. It also has a twin spark, four-stroke, air-cooled, two-valve engine, demonstrating that the bike's engine is extremely powerful and capable of working in difficult conditions.

  • Avenger Street 160 Tyres, Brakes and Features

    A 280 mm front disc brake and a 130 mm rear drum brake are responsible for stopping the vehicle. Less heat is needed to break the torque because disc brakes offer more stopping power with less effort. They cool down rapidly and are easy to maintain. In dangerous situations, they are also more secure. Drum brakes are simpler to make and last longer than disc brakes. Additionally, they have affordable maintenance costs. Comparing the Avenger Street 160 to the larger Avenger 220, the Avenger Street 160 has smaller tyres. However, the brakes are faultless and let the rider feel more confident while moving.

    The size of the front tyre is 90/90-17 49P, and the size of the rear tyre is 130/90-15 66P. This bike has tubeless tyres on the front and back. For turning performance and stability at high speeds, it has a large rear tyre. Furthermore, it improves grip and offers comfort over long distances. Due to its alignment in a straight line with the front tyre, the rear tyre aids in the bike's smooth handling and increased stability.

    Let's take a look at the bike's comfort level now. It has curved seats made of premium material that gives comfort for both the rider and the pillion passengers. It also has a low and long seat, which contributes to the bike's overall comfort. It also includes telescopic front suspension, which improves ride comfort and stability at greater speeds. It's also simple to maintain and soft-driven. It also boasts a 5-step adjustable twin shock absorber that eliminates wheel bouncing on uneven surfaces and absorbs minor road bumps for a comfortable ride.


    It boasts both disc and drum brakes, as well as an excellent suspension for a safe and enjoyable ride. It provides a smooth ride for both the rider and the pillion passenger. More stability is provided by the wide back tyre.

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