Can we modify the tail lamp design for Hero Splendor i-Smart BS6?

Asked: 2 month ago

    Hero Splendor i-Smart BS6 can be modified, but it has to be done externally by the customers at their own choice. Modification is not recommended for any vehicle by Hero. As per company Noms, the warranty of Hero Splendor i-Smart BS6 would be lapsed after any modification done by the customer. Therefore, you will be responsible for any modifications you make to your bike. If your bike develops additional difficulties or troubles as a result of modifications, your warranty won't cover them. However, it is advised to speak with the closest official Hero bike dealership. An employee at the dealership will assist you and provide accurate information regarding whether or not you may modify. To find the nearest Hero bike dealership, please click here Hero Splendor i-Smart BS6 SPecification

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    91Wheels Expert2 month ago

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Hero Splendor i-Smart BS6
₹ 71,418 - ₹ 74,118 *
(Price before discontinued)
Hero Splendor i-Smart BS6 is Discontinued.

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