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The Hero Splendor Plus stands as a leading choice among sub-100cc commuter motorcycles in the Indian market, and for good reason. This commuter bike boasts simplicity and efficiency, making it an attractive option for a wide range of riders. At its core, the Splendor Plus features a basic yet remarkably efficient engine. Its 97.2cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled powerplant may appear straightforward, but it's precisely this simplicity that contributes to its outstanding reliability. When you need a motorcycle for daily commuting, having a robust and dependable engine is crucial, and the Splendor Plus delivers precisely that. Its squared headlamp assembly, equipped with halogen headlamps, provides effective illumination, ensuring you're visible and safe during your rides. The analog instrument cluster keeps things straightforward, allowing for quick and easy reading of essential information. The Hero Splendor Plus also features a Drum front brake and rear brake, weighs 112 kg. With a mileage of over 70 km, it's a cost-effective choice for those who want to save on fuel costs while maintaining a reliable mode of transportation. Additionally, Hero's renowned after-sales support is another significant advantage. 

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Splendor Plus Key Highlights

Engine Capacity97.2 cc
MileageUpto 80.6 kmpl
Kerb Weight112 Kg
Fuel Tank Capacity9.8 Litres
Seat Height785 mm
Power7.91 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Torque8.05 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Number of Gears4 Speed Manual
Splendor Plus Specs

Key Features of Hero Splendor Plus

  • Splendor Plus Integrated Braking System
    Integrated Braking System
  • Splendor Plus i3S Technology
    i3S Technology
  • Splendor Plus xSens Programmed Fi Technology
    xSens Programmed Fi Technology
  • Splendor Plus 97.2 cc, BS6 Engine
    97.2 cc, BS6 Engine
  • Splendor Plus 5-Step Adjustable Rear
    5-Step Adjustable Rear
  • Splendor Plus Tubeless tyre
    Tubeless tyre

Expert Verdict on Splendor Plus

Ride and Handling7

The Hero Splendor Plus is a decent, reliable, & fuel economical commuter motorcycle. We like it for its easy to ride nature & cheap maintenance. However, its design feels very outdated & the lack of features also make it less attractive.

Overall User Rating

Hero Splendor Plus Price

Price of Hero Splendor Plus in India ranges between Rs. 75,441 and Rs. 78,286. The Hero Splendor Plus variants start from Rs. 75,441 - Self Drum Alloy and goes upto Rs. 78,286 - I3S MATT AXIS GREY. Hero Splendor Plus is also available on EMI starting at Rs. 1,393 with 8.5% interest rate.

Splendor Plus Variants With Price

Self Drum Alloy
97.2 cc, Upto 80.6 kmpl, 7.91 bhp @ 8000 rpm
₹ 75,441
Self Drum Alloy i3S
97.2 cc, Upto 80.6 kmpl, 7.91 bhp @ 8000 rpm
₹ 76,786
Black & Accent
97.2 cc, Upto 80.6 kmpl, 7.91 bhp @ 8000 rpm
₹ 76,786
97.2 cc, Upto 80.6 kmpl, 7.91 bhp @ 8000 rpm
₹ 78,286

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Pros & Cons of Hero Splendor Plus

  • Features we admire in this bike

    • One of the best-selling commuter bike in India
    • Reliable engine & easy maintenance
    • Lightweight means it is easy to use on rough roads
    • Fuel economy is one of the best in its segment
    • Riding position is comfortable & relaxing
    • New features like USB charging are helpful to the rider
    • Pricing-wise it is still one of the best bikes in its segment
  • Features that could have been better

    • Design is very old now
    • It doesn’t look or feel as premium as rivals like Honda Shine 100
    • Only comes with drum brakes, no option of disc brake
    • Seat needs more cushioning for comfort
    • It looks dated and boring on the road
  • Should I buy the Splendor Plus?

    The Hero Splendor Plus is a very old bike in the Indian market. It makes sense to the customers who want a dependable & reliable commuter bike for everyday use. Its engine has good mid-range which means that you can easily ride it with pillion inside the city. Also, the good fuel economy of upwards 60 kmpl means less monthly fuel expenses. The best part is that it can be fixed anywhere in India with a roadside mechanic. Its parts are easily available & the resale of it is the best in the segment. The only negative is the lack of disc brake at the front & less performance on the highway. You should consider it if you want a practical, fuel-efficient bike. You will use it for many years.

    Strong, Fuel-Efficient, Reliable Engine Performance 8
    • Splendor Plus is widely known for its reliable engine. The 97.2cc, single-cylinder engine on it makes a decent power of 7.9 bhp. This engine generates a good mix of low-end torque and mid-range power. It comes with a 4-speed gearbox which helps the rider to get good mix of fuel economy of upwards 60 kmpl as well as performance.
    • This engine has a very good low-end torque. Riding it inside the city with pillion or luggage is very comfortable due to the good tuning of the engine. You can easily lift the bike from standstill without using the half-clutch method. Also, the good mid-range means the riding it on open roads is also stress free. This engine remains cool & hence overheating after a long use is also not an issue. 
    • The main positive of this engine is its easy to repair nature. It can be fixed anywhere in India by any roadside mechanic. Also, Hero’s strong aftersales service makes the original parts available pan India even among the roadside mechanics. The cost of parts is also very less and hence anyone can easily maintain the Splendor Plus for years.
    • The only negative of this engine is its lack of peak performance. It is a square engine which means that the top-end power is less. Also, due to the design of this engine, there are vibrations felt while riding it hard. If you’re riding it easily, this engine doesn’t vibrate much. But, riding it fast creates vibrations.

    Splendor Plus engine specifications:

    Mileage65-81 kmpl
    Engine Displacement97.2 cc
    Top Speed87 kmph
    Power7.91 bhp @ 8000 rpm
    Torque8.05 Nm @ 6000 rpm
    Decent Ride Quality & Easy Handling 7
    Design, Looks, & Size 6
    Specifications, Features & Safety 5

    Hero Splendor Plus Competitors

    • Honda  Shine
      ₹ 79,800 - ₹ 83,800
      Hero Splendor Plus
      Splendor Plus
      ₹ 75,441 - ₹ 78,286

      One of the main rival of the Hero Splendor Plus is the Honda Shine 100. Both models offer similar performance and capabilities in terms of engine & gearbox. But, Splendor Plus has a strong hold in the rural markets of India. It can be easily fixed by mechanics anywhere & the spare parts of it are also easily available. The Honda Shine 100 offers a mix of good build quality, soft suspension, & a smoother engine. Also, the Shine 100 is Rs 14,000 cheaper than the Splendor Plus.

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    • Hero HF Deluxe
      ₹ 59,998 - ₹ 67,518
      Hero Splendor Plus
      Splendor Plus
      ₹ 75,441 - ₹ 78,286

      While both models belong to Hero, the HF Deluxe is also a major rival of the Splendor Plus. Both bikes use the same engine but the overall weight of the HF Deluxe is less than the Splendor. The design & looks of both models come with the option of black contrast colours. The HF Deluxe is lighter and therefore generates more fuel economy than the Splendor Plus. Also, if you’re looking for features, the Splendor Plus comes with an analogue instrument console. Out of the two, the HF Deluxe makes more sense due to its rugged design & lower price.

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    • p
      16 May 2024
      It is a very good bike for daily users, a comfortable bike with good mileage and of course, for the middle class, its best bike easily driven by at the age of 19 as well.
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    • S
      15 May 2024
      It's good in mileage but only when it gets some petrol. When it gets more petrol, like full tank or something like that, it doesn't give good mileage.
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    • A
      1 Month ago
      Very good performance. I like it. It is my first bike and my first drive experience. Its wonderful power and good millage. Its smoothly drive. Its seat comfortable.
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    • A
      1 Month ago
      The good experience in bike and mileage performance is good I am using in the 6 to 7 year but is not cheat any condition this perform good.
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    • Kl
      Kota lakshmana
      1 Month ago
      I want exchange my bike with Suzuki bike please tell me how much my bike cost exchange that my bike I want high range model bike with EMI no cost EMI.
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    Splendor Plus Questions and Answers

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    • It is possible to buy the Hero Splendor Plus with no down payment using schemes that Hero MotoCorp and certain financial companies offer. For its two-wheeler models, including the Hero Splendor Plus, Hero MotoCorp runs promotional deals and partners

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      91Wheels Expert
      91Wheels Expert29 days ago
    • In order to register your Hero Splendor Plus to BH series, it is advised to visit nearest Hero bike dealership.A dealership executive will explain you and complete the process to register your vehicle to BH series. To find the nearest Honda bike deal

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      91Wheels Expert
      91Wheels Expert10 month ago
    • Hi, the exchange value depends on a lot of factors like the odometer reading, paint condition, if it has been in an accident, insurance claims, service history and among others. But you can connect with your nearest dealership for the Exchange exact

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      91Wheels Expert
      91Wheels Expert1 year ago
      +1 Answers
    • Hero Splendor Plus is a 4-speed gear daily commuter bike. The gear shifting pattern of Hero Splendor Plus is N-1-2-3-4 down to up. While you shift the gears, you need to press the clutch lever completely so that the gear shifting becomes smooth and e

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      91Wheels Expert
      91Wheels Expert9 month ago
    • An on road price includes registration charges, road tax, insurance. Ex showroom price does not include all the essential components which are included in on road price. Dealership adds charges which they had bared to bring the vehicle from company t

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      91Wheels Expert
      91Wheels Expert1 month ago
    Splendor Plus Questions and Answers

    Latest On Hero Splendor Plus

    Last Updated on 15th May'24 : The Hero Super Splendor, renowned for its practicality and fuel efficiency as a commuter motorcycle, has remained unchanged in recent times. However, Hero has made headlines by trademarking the name "Mavrick 440 Scrambler”.

    Splendor Plus Price: The Hero Splendor Plus's price starts from Rs 75,141 and goes up to Rs 77,986. It is currently available in 4 variants -SPLENDOR+ DRUM BRAKE,  SPLENDOR+ I3S DRUM BRAKE, SPLENDOR+ I3S BLACK AND ACCENT, and  SPLENDOR+ I3S MATT AXIS GREY.

    Engine, Brake, and Suspension: The Hero Splendor Plus is powered by a 97.2cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 7.91bhp of power at 8,000rpm and 8.05Nm of torque at 6,000rpm. The engine is mated to a four-speed gearbox. It is equipped with a 130 mm drum brake both in the front and rear. It has front suspension with Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers and rear suspension with a Swingarm using 5-step Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers. It also has an Integrated Braking System in the rear for extra safety.

    Mileage : The Hero Splendor Plus has a claimed fuel efficiency of 80.6 Kmpl.

    Features : The Hero Splendor Plus includes a range of features like an Analog instrument cluster with digital display, LED tail lamp, Electric Start, XSens Programmed Fi Technology, i3S Technology, Side Stand Indicator, and Tubeless Tyres.

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    Splendor Plus News

    Hero Splendor Plus Images

    • Hero Splendor Plus Profile ImageProfile Image
    • Hero Splendor Plus Right Side ViewRight Side View
    • Hero Splendor Plus Head LightHead Light
    • Hero Splendor Plus Right Side Handelbar Throttle GripRight Side Handelbar Throttle Grip
    • Hero Splendor Plus Front TyreFront Tyre
    • Hero Splendor Plus Front SuspensionFront Suspension
    Splendor Plus Images

    Hero Splendor Plus Colours

    • Ruby RedHero Splendor Plus Ruby Red colour Bikes
    • Sunshine GoldHero Splendor Plus Sunshine Gold colour Bikes
    • Butterfly YellowHero Splendor Plus Butterfly Yellow colour Bikes
    • Silver Nexus BlueHero Splendor Plus Silver Nexus Blue colour Bikes
    • Black with SilverHero Splendor Plus Black with Silver colour Bikes
    • Black with RedHero Splendor Plus Black with Red colour Bikes
    • Matte Shield GoldHero Splendor Plus Matte Shield Gold colour Bikes
    • Black with PurpleHero Splendor Plus Black with Purple colour Bikes
    • Heavy Grey GreenHero Splendor Plus Heavy Grey Green colour Bikes
    • Firefly GlodenHero Splendor Plus Firefly Gloden colour Bikes
    • Bittle RedHero Splendor Plus Bittle Red colour Bikes
    • Bumble Bee YellowHero Splendor Plus Bumble Bee Yellow colour Bikes
    • Fiery BlueHero Splendor Plus Fiery Blue colour Bikes
    • Sports RedHero Splendor Plus Sports Red colour Bikes
    Splendor Plus Colours

    Hero Splendor Plus Overview

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    Base Model
    Self Drum Alloy

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    Splendor Plus On Road Price in India

    CityOn Road Price
    New Delhi84,720 onwards
    Pune84,015 onwards
    Mumbai84,015 onwards
    Kolkata81,247 onwards
    Ahmedabad83,101 onwards
    Hyderabad85,191 onwards
    Chennai81,029 onwards
    Bangalore87,447 onwards
    Guwahati81,143 onwards
    Lucknow82,715 onwards
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