Check Out Top 5 Gear Cycles Under Rs.10000 Sold In India

Updated On: 3 June 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Cycles have always been fun to ride especially on adventure trips. The wind in the hair feeling and the crimson sunsets to look at while cycling is all experiences that we can cherish for an entire lifetime. We assure you that there is no other feeling that can be better than cycling. By now you must be thinking of buying a cycle. If you really are, look no further than 91Wheels, because we present to you the 5 best gear cycles in India sold under Rs.10000

1. Hercules Roadeo Turner 2016 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle:

Hercules has been a brand trusted by millions. The country has always been sure of Hercules cycles as they deliver durability and unmatched performance. Hercules is a premium brand that manufactures quality assured cycles.

The Hercules Roadeo Turner 2016 26T 21 Speed is one of the best gear cycles that comes at a price of Rs.9500. It is a budget-friendly cycle that can be used on all-terrain. It comes with tyres sized 26 inches which are impressive. Unfortunately, it does not come equipped with disc brakes, however, it comes with V- power brakes which have good bite and sudden braking capabilities. The cycle is built on steel frames which can take good load and beatings from riding tough conditions. The Hercules Roadeo Turner gets 21-speed gear and dual suspension which absorbs bumps and small ditches while you ride on mountain tracks.

2.Hercules Roadeo A50 26T 21 MTB Bicycle:

Hercules is a brand known for its variety of products that are flexible in terms of budget. Another cycle that has earned great popularity among cyclists is the Hercules Roadeo A50 26T 21 MTB Bicycle.

The bike has been designed for users of the age of 11-years and above. The minimum requirement for users to ride this cycle is to have a height that ranges from 44.feet to 5.5 feet. The cycle comes with disc brakes in the front but sadly it has no disc brake in the rear, however, one could easily fit after-market disc brakes. The brakes provide decent performance which is expected at the price this cycle is sold in the market-Rs. 9,200.

In addition to all this, the cycle has a steel frame that makes it extremely durable and strong. It comes with a load capacity of 70 kg. The 21 gears are also smooth in shifting. The suspension travel is also great. In short, this cycle is good for commuting daily as it presents decent ride quality, good comfort and performance in terms of braking.

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Interesting article? Read further to know more about gear cycles sold under Rs.10000 in India:

3.Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed cycle:

Gear Cycles 10k

The brand Hero has come a long way. This is one of India's oldest cycle brands which provides premium bicycles at an affordable price. The brand is also quite popular among people. The Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed cycle is one of the many products that this brand sells in India.

The cycle has a steel frame which makes it the perfect to opt especially if you are looking to ride on harsh terrains. This cycle can be considered a durable product. The Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed is one of the best gear cycles sold under Rs.10000 in India.

Note: This cycle is meant for riders with a height ranging from 5.5 feet minimum and 5.11 feet maximum.

When it comes to safety, this cycle is equipped with a front and rear brake caliper that is ideal for riding in tough terrains like on a mountain track. While riding the Hero Octane, one can easily find out that this cycle has good stability which is all thanks to its suspension setup.

4. Mach City Ibike 26T 7 Speed Cycle (Adult Cycle):

Heavy cycles are not ideal for tough terrains and neither are they good in city limits. So, the company Mach City carefully designed a cycle named the Mach City Ibike 26T 7 Speed. This is a gear cycle that only weighs 14kg. It is one of the premium cycles in their lineup and is a quality product that is currently available in the market. The lightweight frame makes this cycle an ideal purchase hence, it has gained popularity among people.

This cycle comes at a price of Rs.8500 and is an extremely value for money product. The Mach City Ibike 26T 7 Speed cycle comes with a frame sized 19-inches coupled with tyres sized 26 inches. The ride quality is also good thanks to the premium quality saddle. The cycle is equipped with an efficient 7 speed Shimano speed gear that makes riding it a breeze.

In short, we believe that this cycle is worth every penny as it provides unmatched performance at an affordable price of Rs.8,600.

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5.Kross Bolt 28T 21 Speed Bicycle (Adult Cycle):

Gear Cycles 10k

Heavy cycles are not ideal for tough terrains. Riding to the top of a mountain is not ideal. Usually, mountain bikers push the cycle to the top and ride back down the trail for an adrenalin rush. Now imagine if you have a heavy cycle. The task of pushing the cycle up to the top is a venture which everyone seeks to avoid. Hence we thought of introducing you to a cycle brand- Kross

Kross is one of the best cycle manufacturers in the country. The cycles they make are quality assured and budget-friendly. The brand has been successful in the country thanks to the unique design elements and assured performance that it delivers. The cycle is user friendly and is not so heavy.

The Kross Bolt 28T 21 Speed is one of the best gear cycles sold for less than 10k. It is suitable for users above the age of 15 years. This mountain-bike design grabs the attention of passerby. The 21-speed gear with a thumb shifter is easy to use and provides the comfort that one requires. The gear makes it effortless to ride and the disc brake ensures safety. The tyres of this bicycle make less road noise and have good resistance to aquaplaning. The tyres can handle potholes and bad terrain with ease and are available in 28-inches size. This is also one of the best gear cycles currently sold under Rs.10000 in India.

What do you think about these top 5 gear cycles which are priced under Rs.10000 in India? Would you buy these budget-friendly, premium cycles?

Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.  Also, join our 91Wheels Telegram group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride and much more!


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