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There are 12 car models available from Hyundai in India. Most expensive Hyundai model is Hyundai Kona Electric which is priced at Rs. 23.79 Lakh. On the lower end, Hyundai Santro is the least expensive model which will cost you Rs. 4.77 Lakh. These prices are indicative and may vary. Don't forget to check best Hyundai offers available near you.

Looking at the Hyundai cars popularity, Hyundai Venue is the highly demanded car model right now. It has a 998-1493 cc engine which can generate 82hp@6000rpm power and 114 Nm @ 4000 rpm torque while giving a 23.7 kmpl mileage .

Here is a brief summary of other popular Hyundai car models:

Hyundai car Price List in India 2021

Hyundai car modelsPriceMileage
Venue6.99 Lakh23.7 KMPL
Alcazar16.30 Lakh20.4 KMPL
Creta10.16 Lakh23.4 KMPL
i206.91 Lakh25.2 KMPL
Aura6.00 Lakh28.4 KMPL
Verna9.29 Lakh25 KMPL
Elantra17.86 Lakh17.32 KMPL
Santro4.77 Lakh30.48 KMPL
Tucson22.69 Lakh16.38 KMPL
Grand i10 NIOS5.29 Lakh26.2 KMPL
Kona Electric23.79 Lakh12 KMPL
i20 N Line9.84 Lakh20.25 KMPL

Check below the list of all car models offered by Hyundai in 2021:

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Hyundai Overview

Set-up in 1996, Hyundai brought in technology and features never before seen on any Indian made car. The (then) Santro was a perfect example and over the years, this Korean giant has ensured a solid number two position in terms of sales. They continue to sell over 40,000 units on a monthly basis and overtaken Maruti in some segments as well. The company has been experimenting with premium products like the Santa Fe, Tucson and Elantra and has not lost its focus from providing a (more) premium experience to its owners. Most of their new models intact come with segment defining features, something that other manufacturers end up providing in due time.

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Hyundai User Reviews

  • AS
    Ajay Singh
    Posted On: 03 June, 2020
    Review for Hyundai Santro

    Reliable and compact car for city usage

    I am using a 2014 Santro GLS. The car has run for around 40 thousand so far and is used primarily in the city while we have used it for occasional highway travel. I like the overall design of th00000e car as it not only gets a tall stance but also gets a number of other styling ts such as rear spoiler, wheel caps, and more which make it highly appealing. The interiors are spacious and the seats are comfortable. The high seating and low-set dashboard helps the driver have great visibility all around which makes it a great car for city driving. The 1.1-L engine feels peppy and has a strong low-end, while the short gearing helps it pick up quick pace right from a standstill. I am overall happy with the build quality of the vehicle and the fuel economy of this motor stands at around 10-12 kmpl in city traffic. The after sales support from the brand has been great so far and I will definitely recommend this car to anyone who needs a reliable, practical and a comfortable car.

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  • RS
    Ranjeet Singh
    Posted On: 31 July, 2020
    Review for Hyundai Santro

    My new Santro Automatic

    I bought the new Santro in 2019 and have used it for ten thousand kilometres so far. I use this car to commute to the office and thus opted for the automatic variant. I had a 2007 Santro-Xing before this car and was fairly happy with that car. The new Santro gets a well built and a feature rich cabin, which is overall better than its rivals. The engine is refined and unlike the old Santro, comes mated to a new gearbox with tall gear ratios. The AMT gearbox is smooth and there have been no issues so far. In all, the new Santro is one of the best small hatchbacks in the market today. I get around 12-14 KMPL from the car and will update the review once I have more experience about the after sales support from the brand.

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  • J
    Posted On: 07 July, 2020

    Hyundai Grand i10 Sportz CNG 1.2L Living in Delhi and travelling to Gurgaon on a daily basis really takes a toll on your expenses. While there is metro, me and my wife travel by car daily. Sometimes she drives and sometimes its me. The budget was limited to 8 lakh but the priority was a CNG car. As we had to cover more than 100 km a day, the running costs should be lower. Buying a diesel was on my mind but then we had another car for highway runs and with the diesel prices running high like petrol, we thought CNG was a better option. Till now I have completed 34k km in the last three years and my priority was a hatchback with factory fitted CNG. I don’t feel safe with CNG but then a company fitted one is always appreciated plus the warranty is also covered. I have a white colour Sportz model which comes with features like ABS and EBD and factory fitted infotainment unit. A touchscreen unit which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So this car feels like a package. In my ownership experience , since the car is mostly driven on traffic jams and is on CNG mostly, I think there is a lack of power. Sometimes while overtaking the throttle response is just bland. That is bad. Also, the clutch isn’t responsive and I think it might need a replacement. I am happy with the safety and features on this hatchback and quality levels are at par when compared with the rivals. Being a CNG I have never cared about the mileage but on a full 10 kg tank I drive close too 200 to 220 km sometimes with AC on.

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  • RR
    Raichand Rao
    Posted On: 08 July, 2020

    Hyundai Grand i10 1.1 CRDi – Asta At a time when Suzuki Swift was a popular choice among people, I picked this pocket rocket which is also called as Grand i10 Asta model. This hatchback wasn’t exactly my choice but I was looking for a hatchback rich in features and good looks. Ford Figo was there but then there were reports that its new generation will be launched next year so I really didn’t want to settle for the older Figo. So that was out. Then there was Swift but it was too common. I had the option of a Punto too but then its future didn’t look much promising and I had to eventually drop it because of the high maintainance cost. While nearly exhausting my options, my friend showed me his Xcent diesel and I drove it for a while. Then he told me that if you like this sedan, Hyundai also offers a hatchback by the name Grand i10. Yes, there’s a diesel too. That moment, my eyes were shining bright as he rescued me from such a fuss. For those who don’t know, my mostly driving is in city and I occasionally do highway trips. I was looking for a diesel hatchback to fulfil my needs and give enough throttle response that it feels great to drive. I finally took a TD of Grand i10 diesel and fell in love with the Asta model. It had every features and my favourite one is keyless entry and stat stop. I have this car for 6 years now and have completed 1.2 lakh km. Yes, that’s the reading on the odometer and it just feels good when I drive this car till date. Every service I have been through was from the authorised dealerships only and apart from the clutch replacement, nothing seemed to be any additional cost. Yes, the service cost is higher for diesel but anything for her. Safety wise I get all the features like parking sensors, ABS with EBD, dual airbags so that’s a good package. The only issue is the suspension and it really sucks when driven on bad roads. Hyundai has no solution to this but I guess I have to live with it anyway.

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Hyundai Cars Questions & Answers

  • Question for Hyundai i20 N Line

    What is the mileage of Hyundai i20 N Line?

    The ARAI mileage of Hyundai i20 Nline is 20.25Kml. This is a ARAI certified mileage so actual mileage may vary from this. Lot of users has reported a mileage of around 18 kmpl within 2 months of driving the car across different kind of roads

    91Wheels Expert
    On: 1 October 2021
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  • Question for Hyundai Santro

    What mileage does the AMT version give?

    There are three variants of Hyundai Santro AMT version, namely Petrol Smart Auto Magna AMT, Sportz AMT & Petrol Smart Auto Asta AMT. The mileage of the AMT versions is around 20.3Kmpl. However the mileage is a function of your driving style, road & traffic conditions & maintenance of the bike. To know more about the details of other variants mileage, please check

    91Wheels Expert
    On: 22 September 2021
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  • The Hyundai Alcazar comes in 17 variants with minimum 2 airbags and maximum of 6 airbags in the highend variants. All the Prestige comes with 2 airbags while the Premium and Signature variants comes with max. of 6 airbags. The Signature MT variants comes with 6 airbags in both Petrol and Diesel options. To know more details about the other specfications of all the variants, please check :

    91Wheels Expert
    On: 21 September 2021
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  • The Hyundai Grand i10 Nios CNG variant offers an ARAI-rated fuel efficiency of 18.9 km/kg. Regards

    91Wheels Expert
    On: 15 September 2021
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