Top 5 Benefits Of Buying An Electric Car In India That You Should Know

Updated On: 18 November 2021 Nitin Kadian

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Top 5 Benefits Of Buying An Electric Car In India That You Should Know

Electric cars are now slowing picking up pace and we are now seeing a clear increase in the number of EV sales in India. The rise in pollution and fuel prices are a few of the main reasons why people are now switching to these vehicles. Another major factor influencing EV sales in India has to be the improvement in the charging infrastructure across the country. Having said that, if you are in the market to buy a new car, here are the top 5 benefits of buying an electric car in India that you should definitely check out before finalising your next purchase.

top 5 benefits of buying an electric car in India

Lower Running Costs

With petrol and diesel prices going up day by day, rough calculations reveal that petrol car owners pay more than INR 8-9 per kilometre that they travel inside the city while diesel car owner pays around INR 5-6 per kilometre in similar usage conditions. An average electric car on the other hand offers a per kilometre running cost of around INR 2-3. This not only helps in reducing the travel expense but also helps in keeping the environment clean and pollution-free as the ICE cars pump out a lot of emissions.

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Easy To Drive In Cities

The electric cars that are currently on sale in the country are as convenient and easy to drive as any other standard automatic car. You will not need to shift gears and operate the clutch which makes an electric car an ideal vehicle for city usage and for long highway journeys. In addition to this, regenerative braking and an impressive throttle response further make them a great companion for our everyday commute.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Since electric cars do not have an engine, the overall service costs and maintenance costs are lower when compared to a standard ICE car. Minimal moving parts and reliable technology makes them cheap to maintain and hence, as a buyer, you will end up saving some significant amount. The batteries powering the motors of the vehicle are well-built and of high quality and hence do not require any kind of maintenance for a minimum of seven to eight years. The other components too are not very expensive to service and long warranty periods help in diluting the maintenance costs.

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top 5 benefits of buying an electric car in India

Impressive NVH Levels

The absence of an ICE engine helps in keeping the cabin vibration-free. The occupants inside an electric car will appreciate the supreme NVH levels that the car has to offer. The cabin of the electric cars too is well insulated and offers a better experience when compared to any other ICE car of similar segment and class. This makes it a great choice for those who appreciate luxury and a comfortable cabin. No major vibrations can be felt on the steering wheel or the foot pedals.

Government Incentives

The Central government and many of the state governments are pushing and promoting the sales of electric cars in India. To push the buyers towards the EV segment, these governments are offering lucrative incentives and subsidies that not only lower down the price of electric cars but also reduce the ownership costs by a fair margin. Recent data shows that these subsidies have been a major part of the campaign to promote the sales of electric vehicles. The buyers of the ICE cars however are required to sometimes pay extra taxes.

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