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Omo is one of the largest manufacturer of cycles in India with prices starting at Rs. 3887. The lowest-priced cycles is Panda 14 while the highest priced cycles is Model E0 Electric Cycle Ebike with the price of 38500. Omo offers 13 models across Indian geography through N/A dealers. Omo offers 1 City cycles, 3 Geared cycles, 2 Hybrid cycles, 2 Kids cycles, 2 Road cycles

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Omo Cycles Overview

Omo cycles provide comfortable, stylish, durable, safe and colourful cycles/electric cycles that are made in India, keeping in mind Indian traffic conditions & usage. They strive to build a trust among customers that will, one day, make OMO Bikes synonymous with Urban Commute.

The journey of OMO bikes started in 2016. It started as a wishful project to make self-sustaining & running solar powered bike. The experiment was a success, but its commercial viability still needed sometime. But then they started making more bikes, only without the solar setup this time.

Since then, Omo cycles have kept their team of engineers, technicians, designers busy in designing & producing cycles & electric bicycles that can match any world standards with a proud 'Made in India' tag.

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  • Hybrid
  • Kids
  • Mountain
  • Road

Omo FAQs

  • Which is the cheapest cycle of the Omo ?

    The cheapest cycle of the Omo is Panda 14. The expected price of the bike is ₹3,887.00 in Delhi.

  • Which are the best geared cycle of the Omo ?

    The best geared cycles of the Omo are Hampi 707, Ladakh X1, Ladakh X7.

  • Which are kids cycles of the Omo?

    The kids cycles of the Omo are Panda 14, Panda 20.

  • Which are the different kind of cycles of the Omo?

    The Omo cycles comes in , hybrid, road, geared, kids, city segments.

  • Which is the highest priced cycle of Omo?

    The highest priced cycle of the Omo is Panda 14. Its expected price is ₹3,887.00 in New Delhi.

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