Mahindra Furio 14 VS Eicher Pro 2110XP Plus. Which Is The Best ICV?

Updated On: 24 May 2021 Dheeraj Nair

The proprietors of different trucking empires in India are looking for the best intermediate commercial vehicles (ICV) to transport their goods within the city limits or close to their industries. The demand for ICVs in the country has been booming lately, especially since new tech and features are loaded onto it. ICVs are comfortable to a decent extent and offer load-carrying capacities of about 6 to16 tonnes, which is impressive and hence, desirable.

Today, different ICV manufacturers in India provide vehicles with their own unique features and performance characteristics hence, it is difficult to choose one particular ICV. 

So, we have chosen two popular and best performing ICV for comparison to wash away your sea of confusion regarding which vehicle to choose. The two ICVs are none other than the Eicher Pro 2110XP Plus and Mahindra Furio 14. 


It is evident with just one look at both the trucks that they are designed with all the contemporary touches that one expects from the 2021 era. The  Eicher Pro 2110XP Plus and Mahindra Furio 14 both have unique characteristics in terms of design. Let us begin with Eicher's Pro 2110XP Plus.

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The pro 2110XP Plus's cabin has a premium feel to it. There is practicality in design as they have offered a good amount of space with storage compartments. This ICV maker has provided power steering as a standard feature along with a tilt and telescopic steering wheel that is vacuum-assisted for enhancing a better driving experience. This 14T capacity truck's cabin has been designed carefully to provide a fatigue-free driving experience. 

best ICV

The premium look of the cabin is welcoming and the drive will definitely get a comfortable driving experience out of it. 

Now, the Mahindra Furio 14 is not a whole different story when compared to the Eicher Pro 2110XP since it too is comfortable and loaded with features that provide a good driving experience.

The cabin of the Furio 14 has been carefully designed considering the Indian road conditions and terrain. Another aspect which we noticed is the ability to get in and out of the vehicle easily. The access to the cabin is not so tough. One unique feature is the sleeper berth. Drivers can now take a rest after a long day of driving. Like the Eicher Pro 2110XP, Furio 14 also gets tilt and telescopic power steering. The cabin of Pro 2110XP has been designed to take up the crash impact which makes it extremely safe. 


The most important criteria that one must look up further is the performance of an ICV. Intermediate commercial vehicles are known best for carrying smaller goods but can it take on bigger loads? Lets find out.

The Furio 14 has been designed to run efficiently along with potential power to carry the goods of the business that you run because the in-house made mDi Tech 4 cylinder engine has the capacity to churn out 138HP at a staggering 525Nm of torque. This can only mean one thing. Yes, the Furio is powerful to a great extent. The Furio 14 gets a 6-speed manual transmission with an overdrive synchro gearbox and as we stated earlier, this vehicle is efficient in terms of providing good fuel economy figures. This is possible, all thanks to the in house made fuel-smart technology.

Mahindra claims that they have a good service network that provides spare parts, So there is no need to worry about maintenance. Also, you get the iMAXX telematics technology that boosts the overall fleet utilisation.

Now, it is time for the Eicher Pro 2110XP Plus. 

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The Pro 2110XP Plus gets the popular E494 4V engine that presents 160Hp with a peak torque of 500Nm at a range of 1200- 1800Rpm. Unlike the Mahindra Furio 14, Eicher offers 5 and 7-speed transmission options. This solely depends on the type of operation or application that the Pro2110XP Plus will be used for. The performance figures are true not only on papers but also on real-life applications which makes this truck more reliable and desirable by fleet owners.    


The Mahindra Furio 14 comes equipped with a robust 362 dia organic clutch with a booster. It has a heavy-duty chassis made of low alloy and has a rear axle that has a semi-elliptical suspension setup. The Furio comes in different wheelbase options, depending upon the purpose or work. In addition to this, the deck comes in box type containers also. The standard size of the fuel tank is 190L, However, a smaller size fuel tank can be opted-160L. 

best ICV

The Pro 2110XP Plus also gets a similar 330 dia clutch to take on heavy-duty operations. This ICV gets a semi-elliptical leaf suspension which is laminated for durability, The suspension also gets shock absorbers for added comfort. The Pro 2110XP also has a drum type air brake setup which is efficient. 

best ICV

Like the Furio 14, the Pro 2110XP gets three wheelbase options, 5 different deck lengths and 2 different widths. The vehicle is well suited for steep inclines.

Finally, Eicher offers features like cruise control, M-Booster plus and has a fuel-coaching system that informs the fuel economy figures and the sweet spot of rpm that can provide efficiency.  


The Eicher Pro 2110XP Plus price starts at Rs 9 22.36 lakh, Whereas, the Mahindra Furio 14 has a starting price of 9 22.57 lakh, both ex-showroom, New Delhi.

Verdict: Eicher Pro 2110XP plus has more power and torque when compared to the Mahindra Furio 14. However, when it comes to comfort Mahindra wins.

What do you think about the Eicher Pro 2110XP Plus and Mahindra Furio 14? Which one would you choose? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, join our 91Wheels Telegram group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride and much more!

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