Car Modification - Basic Mods To Improve Your Car's Performance

03 Jul 2020 Nitin Kadian

We all love our cars and spend a considerable amount of time taking care of our beloved rides. However, not every car is perfect and sometimes we always wish that our cars had more power and offered better performance. There are a number of car modification techniques and procedures which result in much better power output and improved driving dynamics. Here is a list of basic upgrades that will help you extract more power and performance from your car.

Car Modification

ECU Remapping: The modern car engines are controlled by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). ECU remapping alters the stock settings and parameters to deliver better power, driveability, and in-gear acceleration response. Remapping an ECU is one of the simplest ways to boost the power output. However, you should ensure that you get your car tuned by a professional who has some decent experience in this field.

Car Modification

Tuning Boxes: While ECU remapping involves controlling various parameters to boost power output, tuning boxes, on the other hand, alter the data sent to the ECU by various input sensors such as a mass airflow sensor. The tuning box, however, does not improve the power delivery and driveability of the engine. If you just need more power, a tunning box is something that you should look for.

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Car Modification

Performance Air Filter: Air is a critical requirement in the combustion process. The stock OEM air filters that we get from the company are very dense and restrict the overall flow. The free-flow performance filter helps the engine breathe better. We can boost the power output by around 5 percent by upgrading to a good quality performance filter.

free flow exhaust

Free Flow Exhaust: A free-flow exhaust also lets the engine breathe better and suck in more air. A free-flow exhaust is one of the critical aspects of car modification if you need to extract that extra output from the engine.

inter cooler Car Modification

Bigger Intercooler: An intercooler helps to cool down the turbocharger and the air that is being forced into the combustion chamber. A bigger intercooler not only keeps the turbocharger's temperature low but also ensures that more air is sent into the combustion chamber as colder air is denser. In addition to this, cold air also prevents pre-detonation, thus extracting desired levels of performance.

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stiff springs

Stiffer Springs: If you are someone who is serious upgrading the performance of your cars, upgrading the stock suspension and replacing it with stiffer springs is a must. These springs not only lower the car, thus giving it a great aesthetical stance, but also improve the driving dynamics of the car by a fair margin. A lowered car with stiff springs rides much better at the higher speeds and holds on its line sans any drama at those tight curves on the road.

Car Modification perforamnce brakes

Performance Brakes: Shedding the speeds is more important than picking up speeds. If you are keen to proceed with your performance car modification, you should definitely consider upgrading your brakes. Stock braking setup will not be able to handle the added stress that they will be subjected to due to higher performance from the engine.

Modifying your car to extract more performance is a complex procedure and we advise you to get these things done by trained and experienced professionals. With this being said, join the discussion on car modification and other interesting discussions at our 91W Auto Enthusiasts Whatsapp Group. (Click on the link via mobile to join)

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