Here's How to Replace Keyless Remote Battery Of Your Car

Updated On: 13 September 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Do you know how to replace the battery of a Keyless remote of your car? If not, here is a quick guide that could help you change the battery in a jiffy!

The paramount importance of the need for advancements in the automobile sector has resulted in the creation of numerous components that provide comfort. The tremendous improvement in the components that have integrated computerized systems to benefit the consumer is indeed marvellous. However, new technologies like the computerization of components of cars come with complications even with the slightest dysfunction of a part.

In simple, a component as simple as a key fob or keyless remote of a car that comes with batteries might prove to be a hindrance if the batteries run out. Even with such a gadget that has the advanced and complex tech, something as simple as a battery could result in the dysfunction of the whole complex component.

Such a situation where keyfob dysfunctions due to low battery have been reported to be experienced by people around the world as the basic structure and technology used in a key fob is the same all across the globe.

Since we are discussing the aforementioned issue, a problem faced by people across the globe at some point in time, we thought of helping you out with a step by step guide on how to replace the battery of your keyless remote. But before that let's see how a low-battery keyless remote could affect your vehicle's functioning.

How could a low-battery keyless remote affect your vehicle's normal functioning?

keyless remote battery

Modern cars come with electronic configurations that utilise keyless remotes to start and stop as well as give access to the vehicle. The system also has a track battery function which is basically a computer that helps to monitor the power output of the keyless remote and its battery.

On most vehicles, the system triggers a warning light on the dashboard which tells the driver to replace the battery as soon as possible. However, even with the warning light-triggered, it is common for people to forget. At such a point in time when the battery is yet to be replaced, you may find it challenging to start your vehicle, lock or unlock the doors, etc.

Hence, it is advised that if you discover the keyless remote battery warning light displayed on the dashboard, it would be best to replace the battery quickly. 

How to Replace Keyless Remote Battery Of Your Car?

keyless remote battery

STEP 1: Open The Key Fob

Try to open the keyless remote to replace the battery. You can use a tool such as a screwdriver to pry open the case. In some cases, there could be screws holding together the remote case. Unscrew them if you find any.

STEP 2: Remove The Old Battery

After opening the case, note the position of the battery. Ensure to take note of the positioning and the signs facing up on the battery. (Typically, the batteries come in a round shape.) Once the correct position of the battery is noted, try to remove the battery by sliding it out of the gap or by moving clips holding the battery in place if any. (NOTE: Be gentle as the clips are notorious for breaking.)

STEP 3: Fit The New Battery

Fit the new battery by slipping it back in through the gap or by placing the clips back on. Do make sure that the battery is positioned correctly so that it functions perfectly.

STEP 4: Put The Case Of The Remote Back Together

Once you correctly place the new battery, proceed to reverse the process you used in opening the remote. Ensure that all the points of the case align with each other so that they fit perfectly.

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