Kawasaki Hybrid Sportsbike Prototype Unveiled - Check All Details!

Updated On: 19 October 2021 Nitin Kadian

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Kawasaki Hybrid Sportsbike Prototype Unveiled - Check All Details!

It's no secret to anyone that Kawasaki has been working on a hybrid bike for a long time now. The brand started filing patents for many of its new parts and components related to the under-development hybrid technology over the past few months. The prototype of the new Kawasaki Hybrid Sportsbike was finally revealed during a presentation in Japan. While we currently are expecting the brand to introduce this new technology in its range of high-end performance machines and touring bikes. Having said this, here are all the details related to this new Kawasaki Hybrid Sportsbike that we know so far.

Kawaski Hybrid Powertrain

Kawasaki Hybrid Sportsbike

As per the official statement released by Kawasaki, the new hybrid system will use a regenerative system, hybrid battery, and a small engine along with a large electric motor. The system will work using a regenerative setup that will be recharging the hybrid battery. The bike will use a small 48V hybrid battery that is expected to be placed under the seat. The bike will also get a small parallel-twin engine that will sit on a new tubular steel frame. The hybrid sports bike will also get a large electric motor that is expected to be placed above the transmission.

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The bike will switch to pure electric power in the city mode and the combustion engine will be switched off. This will ensure that the bike run in zero-emission mode. The zero-emission running mode will help the owners use the bike in the upcoming zero-emission zones in cities that are planned to be introduced in future. Once out on the highway, the rider can switch to a hybrid mode where the bike will operate both the electric motor and the combustion engine. This will help the bike offer blisteringly fast performance and a great riding experience. This mode will also ensure that the hybrid battery gets enough juice to recharge itself to compensate for the power loss in the city mode.

Kawasaki Hybrid Sportsbike

We are also expecting the brand to offer automated gearshifts as a number of patents for the same were filled by Kawasaki earlier this year. The automated gearshifts will be operated by a new system that will use an automated clutch and a servo-operated shifter. This will allow the rider to change the gears using push buttons. However, it will be interesting to see the overall performance of this automated gearbox. This fully hybrid motorcycle is expected to be introduced in the next few months and will be a game-changer in the market. We are also expecting this bike to deliver much-improved fuel economy figures that will help it have an edge over most of its rivals.

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Having said this, it is believed that the Japanese brand will use this new hybrid powertrain to power its high-performance machines or the touring bikes that are capable of handling the additional weight of this system. Bikes like the Kawasaki H2 are believed to get this hybrid powertrain first. While the hybrid powertrain does seem to be impressive, it will come with its own set of challenges. The engineers will have to deal will additional weight that may hamper the performance and riding dynamics of the bike.

Kawasaki Hybrid Sportsbike

If reports are to be believed, Kawasaki is also planning to go all-electric by the year 2035 and it would be then interesting to see how they plan their new electric portfolio. The brand is also said to be working on hydrogen-powered motorcycles. However, Kawasaki will continue to sell petrol-powered and hybrid motorcycles in the developing markets.

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