Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Car/Bike In This Corona Lockdown

Coronavirus is a serious pandemic that has severely been taking a toll on people’s life. And now that it has entered India, our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi Ji has issued a lockdown for 21 days. Yes, the whole country has come to a standstill because of coronavirus. And what strikes our mind is that in this corona lockdown your vehicles will not be in use. In this article, we give you all the tips you need so you take care of your car/bike in this corona lockdown

Wipeout those leaves and wild fruits
By this step we mean to say that knowing it is autumn season and you might see dry leaves from trees falling and settling up on your car. The most common sight is to see them on the windshield and in between the wipers. So please go out if you think it is safe and remove those leaves and wild fruits.

Start your vehicle in every seven days
The lockdown is for 21 days and not starting up the engine for too long can lead to a vehicle breakdown. By starting the car once every seven days, it ensures that the alternator charges up the battery. Also, roll down all the windows and turn on the airconditioning. This will help in ensuring to let out the stale smell of the interiors are out.

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Take Your Car or Bike For A Spin
Now, before any of you make a comment, this point is only for those living in a gated society and you know that the environment is clean. No need of honking or playing loud music inside. This only ensures the smooth running of your car as you will be using clutch, transmission and practice this thrice in every seven days.

Park It Under An Open Sky
When you safely park your car under an open sky, there will be no dry leaves, wild fruits falling on the roof of your car. With this, your car remains automatically clean.

Usage of Rat Repellent
Now, many times you must have faced this issue or one of your colleagues mentioning about how the wires of the car are cut. Now, this is done by the foul rodents which get inside your cars and damage the wiring. Mind you, if that happens, it leads to an expensive affair. So to ensure this doesn’t happen to your vehicle, spray any rat repellent or rat poison so these rodents stay away.

Remove the garbage from your own car
Now, this may seem to be an inappropriate statement but some of your cars have used tissues, chocolate/wafers wrappers or any other item which is counted as garbage. And if these items stay in your car, they’ll only invite germs. So get up and ensure your car is clean from the inside.

Repair Car’s Tyre By Yourself
Now is the time to make sure you learn how to repair a puncture. If there’s a leakage or you spot one of your tyres is punctured, do not leave it unattended. You might think that your car will not be in use for another 21 days but that’s not the point. The kerb weight of your car is too much to damage the sidewall of the tyre. So if you have an inflator then good for you else replace the tyre with the Stepney.

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Follow these steps to take care of your car only if you can ensure your safety first in this corona lockdown. We wish you that you stay safe in your home. Enjoy our videos on car guides and watch our reviews on our YouTube channel. Stay Safe, Stay Subscribed!

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