What Are E-cycles and How Do They Work? All That You Need To Know

Updated On: 4 June 2021 Dheeraj Nair

What are E-cycles? How do they work? All that you need to know regarding E-cycles are there in this article. Give it a read!

Cycling is an adventure that lets you experience the crimson sunsets and calmness of the wind like a striking chime that brings out the kid in you. Cycling is as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, however, a beginner would find it almost tiresome. It was at this juncture that the world of cycles took a sharp turn into the future as a result of which E-cycles were born to stop you from being tired.

E-cycles are a world of their own. When one says "E-cycle" or "E-Bike", the first thing which comes across our minds would be an electric motorcycle, but that is not the case. E-cycles are absolutely similar to normal cycles except for the fact that they have a motor and battery which is neatly tucked inside the frame. E-cycles are the cheap and the best solution for mobility in cities where traffic jams are constant. Nowadays, there are E-cycles that are portable and foldable which makes them convenient.

It must be difficult to understand why E-cycles are unique and how they are different from normal cycles, so we have thoughtfully explained everything in this article- "What Are E-cycles and How Do They Work? All That You Need To Know Is Here"

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What Are E-cycles

E-Cycles have electric motors that have power ranging from 200W, all the way up to 1,000W. Different countries establish different rules regarding the maximum legal power that an E-cycle can carry. In India, the power of an E-cycle is limited to 250W for safety snd convenience. Many factors play a major role in the decision for keeping a cap on power. In India, the power is capped to 250W by considering pedestrian safety and battery capacity. The more power, the better and powerful battery is required which is not feasible for manufacturers in India.

This Is because the demand for EV is gradually increasing, however, the price at which EVs are sold in India is unbearable. So, producing cheaper E-cycles will mean more affordability for the common people. The cheaper the battery in terms of price, the lower the power and the lower the power unit costs, the cheaper the E-cycle.

Now, the most common type of motor used in an Electric cycle is a Hub Motor which basically helps in running the cycle without spending your energy on pedalling.


The Battery has a role in defining the weight, design and range of the E-bike. The lithium-Ion integrated battery is the most common type of battery used in an E-cycle and they have a warranty of 3 to 4 years. When compared with lead-acid batteries, Lithium-Ion batteries have better durability and performance. The reason why Lithium-Ion batteries are used in an E-cycle is that they are lightweight and require minimal maintenance. For example, a 36V 10Ah Battery would weigh approximately 2 to 2.5Kgs. and offer a range of up to 60kms.


E-cycles also have a display mounted on the handlebar. They are extremely user friendly and provides various information such as battery charge, range and riding modes which are of two types: Pedal Activated and throttle based.

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What are pedal activated systems?

Basically, pedal activated systems provide assistance by running the motor when you press down the pedals. This mode does not require the rider to use the throttle body. One can even adjust the amount of power that must be delivered to the motor to assist you while you are cycling. You can access this with the help of display controls which is usually mounted on the handlebar. Interestingly, you can always turn off this function or system when it is not required.

What are throttle based systems?

Throttle Based systems work using the basic throttle body mechanism. The throttle cable is connected to the handlebar or precisely the grip which you can twist. The throttle body basically works similar to a motorcycle. One must twist the grip to activate the motor. The more one twists the throttle, the more power is sent to the hub motor. The throttle body decides the speed at which you can travel and the energy to be exerted. Also while using the throttle, there is no need for pedalling like the pedal activated system.


E-cycles are the best alternative to IC vehicles. They work like a normal bicycle but allows one to take over tough terrain like steep Hillclimb or carry the load with the assistance of an electric motor, So why don't we buy one?

What do you think about E-Cycles? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, join our 91Wheels Telegram group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride and much more!

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