Yamaha Electric Scooter For India Under Works - Ola S1 Rival

By:Yogesh Bhardwaj
Updated On: June 14, 2024 19:52 IST
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Yamaha Electric Scooter For India Under Works - Ola S1 Rival


  • Yamaha plans to foray into Indian EV market with a new electric scooter.
  • EV Two-wheeler currently in the development stage. 
  • Expected to be a feature-loaded rugged EV scooter.

Some of the major homegrown two-wheeler giants have already introduced EV products in India. Japanese manufacturers are yet hesitant to enter into this space. However, some reports mention that Yamaha is making great efforts to make an India-bound electric scooter. The upcoming electric scooter is being developed by a group of engineers based in Japan headquarters of the brand and its subsidiary in India.

Yamaha is aiming to make a unique product to be easily differentiated in the competitive EV market like India. Check out more details about the upcoming EV scooter below. Also, join our 91Wheels WhatsApp Group to stay updated on the latest automotive news and industry insights.

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Yamaha EV Plans in India

The company has already announced that the upcoming electric scooter will be a blend of power and styling, matching the legacy of the brand. While the EV two-wheeler will take time to come to India, it will arrive as a feature loaded rugged offering. Yamaha has strong plans to enter into the Indian EV space which was visible by its investment of Rs 332 crore in the Indian EV startup, River last year.

Yamaha mentions that making EV two-wheelers in India hasn't proved fruitful for most of the manufacturers. Except some key players such as the Ola and Ather are popular among customers. Therefore, Yamaha is taking its time to foray in this competitive segment.

Yamaha Electric Scooter

This is not the first time Yamaha is making efforts to foray into Indian EV market. Previously, the brand used to import the Yamaha Neo's electric scooter in India. But, simultaneously, the brand was also seeking the help of the Indian suppliers to keep a check on the cost. The Yamaha Neo's used to come with a price tag of Rs. 3 lakh in the European market.

So, with its collaboration with River, Yamaha will expectedly come up with a rugged and feature loaded electric scooter and that too with an affordable price. Once launched, the upcoming Yamaha's electric scotter will give a tough competition to the likes Ola S1 Pro in India.

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Yamaha's long-awaited plunge into India's electric scooter arena promises a blend of power, style, and innovation. With substantial investments and planning, the brand aims to carve a niche in a crowded market. Anticipation brews as Yamaha gears up to launch a rugged, feature-rich offering in India.

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