Hyundai Venue iMT with Clutchless Manual Gearbox - Launch Before Kia Sonet!

Hyundai is always ahead in innovations and brings new tech to its cars. Hyundai never leaves a chance to bring the latest tech in its Indian cars as well. In the fresh news, Hyundai is going to introduce iMT technology in the Hyundai Venue 1.0 T-GDI. But what is this iMT technology and will it benefit the buyers? Let's get into it straight away.

So the iMT stands for intelligent Manual Transmission - it has been jointly developed by Hyundai and Kia and Kia also showcased it recently in Europe. In simple terms but strictly for Hyundai cars, you can call it clutchless manual transmission. This technology will offer you manual gearshifting experience without a clutch. Hyundai calls it 2 pedal clutchless technology which retains the fun to drive experience along with the convenience of automatic transmission.

How This iMT Technology Works?

Hyundai has used a ton of technology and innovation to make it possible and giving a seamless experience. You have your conventional 6-speed manual gearbox but the lever has intention sensor which senses the driver's command. When the TCS intention sensor senses the desire of the driver to shift gears, it transmits the signal to TCU (Transmission Control Unit) to engage the hydraulic actuator. The hydraulic actuator builds the pressure and further sends to Concentric Slave Cylinder through the clutch tube.

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After the signal and pressure, the concentric slave cylinder uses the pressure to control the clutch and pressure plate and engages/disengages the clutch accordingly. Hyundai calls the whole process so seamless and non-intrusive giving a seamless experience to the driver. This technology is seen for the first time in India and it can give a better experience and can even replace the Automatic Manual Transmissions (AMTs).

Interior image just for reference

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Hyundai will launch the new iMT in the Venue with the 1.0-litre T-GDI model. It is still unknown whether it will replace the conventional 6-speed -manual or take place of the 7-speed DCT. Hyundai will launch the new iMT equipped Venue in July 2020 and we can expect some changes in the price. We will get to see the same technology in the upcoming Kia Sonet as well which is scheduled to get launched this festive season.

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