Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta - Maintenance Costs Compared!

Updated On: 15 July 2021 Yatharth Chauhan

The Skoda Kushaq went on sale recently, with deliveries of the 1.0-litre turbo-petrol variant already underway. While the 1.5-litre version is yet to start reaching its buyers, what's for sure is that the new model has been fairly quick with with getting noticed by prospective buyers of hot-sellers like the Hyundai Creta and the Kia Seltos. Now, the Hyundai Creta has been a segment-topper for time immemorial and one of the many factors that works in favour of this C-SUV is its easy maintenance through its carmaker's vast network and low cost of spares. On the other hand, Skodas have been rather notorious for their high cost of maintenance, which is something that holds back a lot of interested car buyers from putting their money on the Czech brand. Here, however, we've decided to compare the maintenance and scheduled service costs of the South Korean and the Czech offering and see if the latter is actually much costlier to maintain in the long run.

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Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta Maintenance Cost Comparison


The Hyundai Creta comes with a 3-year/unlimited km standard warranty. On the other hand, the Kushaq is available with a 4 years and 1 lakh km warranty as standard. However, the Creta is available with something called 'Wonder Warranty' that allows customers to choose between three options - 3 year/unlimited, 4 year/60,000 km and 5 year/50,000 km. Based on one's usage conditions, the most effective warranty package can be chosen. This is something that would definitely come in handy to the owners. There is no such option on the Kushaq but where it clearly triumphs over the Creta is with the paint and corrosion warranties.

skoda kushaq vs hyundai creta service cost comparison

The Czech C-SUV is available with a 3 years paint warranty and 6 years corrosion warranty. This is definitely useful for people living in the coastal areas. Thanks to this additional cover, one can conveniently skip opting for paint protection films or Teflon coats with the reassurance that the carmaker will bear the costs if the paint gets damaged.

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Service Cost

Service ScheduleSkoda KushaqHyundai Creta
1st ServiceRs 2,128 @ 15,000 km/1 yearRs 1,524 @ 10,000 km/1 year
2nd Service Rs 7,150 @ 30,000 km/2 yearsRs 2,218 @ 20,000 km/2 years
3rd ServiceRs 6,260 @ 45,000 km/3 yearsRs 3,895 @ 30,000 km/3 years
4th ServiceRs 8,000 @ 60,000 km/4 yearsRs 4,308 @ 40,000 km/4 years
5th ServiceRs 6,260 @ 75,000 km/5 yearsRs 4,271 @ 50,000 km/5 years

One quick look at the above table is enough to understand that penny-to-penny, it's the Hyundai Creta that's lighter on the pocket. While its first service costs Rs 1,524, the same maintenance for Kushaq will cost you Rs 2,218. Similarly, the second service for Creta will cost you Rs 2,218 but for the Kushaq, it's Rs 7,150. By the end of five years of ownership you would have spent Rs 16,216 on the scheduled maintenance of Creta. On the other hand, the Kushaq's 5 year maintenance will set you back by Rs 29,798. Also, it's worth mentioning that Skoda would charge you an additional Rs 1,350 every time you get the wheel alignment and balancing done.

skoda kushaq vs hyundai creta service cost comparison

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What's interesting here, however, is that the Kushaq has to be serviced every 15,000 km, while the Creta has a service interval of Rs 10,000. That said, even if you account for the higher service interval, it's the Creta that turns out to be easier to maintain. Moreover, the after sales network of Hyundai is far wider than what Skoda India offers. While we're not comparing the two vehicles in any other aspect, in terms of service & maintenance alone, it's the South Korean C-SUV that emerges winner of our Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta maintenance costs comparison.

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