We Tell You The Pros And Cons Of A Space Saver Spare Wheel

Updated On: 12 May 2022, By Vaibhav Gupta

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We Tell You The Pros And Cons Of A Space Saver Spare Wheel

A spare wheel is commonly known as a Stepney. It is an additional tyre present in the vehicle which comes into play as a backup in case any of the tyres face issues while running like low air pressure, a puncture or even a tyre burst. This serves as a direct replacement for the damaged tyre so that the vehicle can be driven to the nearest technician for diagnosis or replacement.

In the good olden days, most vehicles were supplied with a full size spare wheel which served as a full time replacement not requiring a swap after preparing the damaged tyre. Nowadays, vehicles are supplied with a space saver spare wheel which cannot be used as a permanent option. These wheels are manufactured with the perspective to serve for a limited distance and not a permanent replacement. Hence, these wheels are not meant to last long on the vehicle. These space saver wheels are narrower than the stock tyre and mostly with a steel rim of a much smaller diameter as compared to the alloy wheel. These are mostly capped at a top speed of 80 kmph and can run only 250 kilometres.


  • As these tyres are narrower than the stock wheels, these help to save some space in the boot.
  • Due to the smaller diameter of the rims, the overall laden weight is much less when compared to a full size spare wheel.
  • As the space saver spare wheel cannot serve for long, the owner has to swap it out and switch back to the primary one. This helps to maintain the uniformity of tread wear in all the tyres.
  • From the manufacturing point of view, these space saver wheels help to reduce costs as steel rims are cheaper than alloy wheels or bigger steel rims.
  • This helps to maintain the tyres in top health. At times when people swap out the damaged wheel, they tend to run the vehicle for much longer on the replacement tyre which makes the grip on the tyres uneven. If the top speed and mileage of a spare wheel are limited, people would refrain from using it for a longer period of time.

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spare wheel
A space saver spare wheel from a Porsche Cayenne


  • The space saver spare wheels are not as durable as the full size spare wheel and there can be longevity issues.
  • Using a spare wheel can cause stability issues at times as the size and mass of this wheel are different from the rest of the three.
  • The space saver wheel is narrower in width than a regular space wheel thus causing a significant loss of traction in many situations.
  • These wheels can also cause handling issues in emergency situations while manoeuvring the vehicle and come with a higher stopping distance.
  • If ignored and used for long term, the space saver wheels can cause severe mechanical damage.
  • Due to the different diameter of this space saver wheel, the differential of the vehicle might suffer while initiating a turn.

Nowadays, many vehicles are simply supplied with a puncture repair kit along with a portable tyre inflator. In performance oriented vehicles, this is a much necessary move to reduce unladen weight, but many automotive manufacturers in India have begun doing so to cut costs in a hideous way. Tata Tiago and Tata Tigor are no longer offered with a full size or even a space saver spare wheel.

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