Hyundai Venue Fuel Economy : Can The Turbo Petrol Deliver 22kmpl?

The latest car to join our fuel economy series is the Hyundai Venue GDI DCT. In layman terms, this is the 1.0 Turbo Petrol with the 7-speed DCT dual clutch automatic transmission. It comes with an ARAI certified economy of 18 kmpl which is good for a 120PS SUV. But our aim was to extract a higher figure and hence this Hyundai Venue Fuel Economy run. Read on...

Our fuel economy run is done keeping a few parameters always constant. This includes the same route of WPE (Western Peripheral Expressway) and EPE (Eastern Peripheral Expressway) around Delhi, a distance of 270km, constant speed of 80km/h, air-con set at 22 degrees and two people on board. We also do a proper tankful to tankful run to ensure the final error is as low as possible. Ofcourse we do rely on the displayed economy for the video part but even the best of cars sometimes have a difference in terms of displayed economy vs actual economy.

hyundai venue fuel economy

As you can see in the video of the Hyundai Venue fuel economy run above, we managed to get over 22 kmpl in the end. The 7 speed DCT comes handy as in the 7th gear, the engine spins at a lazy 1700 rpm while maintaining 80 on the right dial. It was a hot day with the display showing 43 towards the later part of the run. In the end, we went to the same fuel pump and followed the slow exercise of filling up to the brim. Do you like this run and the Venue in general? Share your opinion in our exclusive 91W Hyundai Whatsapp Group.

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