Ola E-Scooter Vs Simple One: Range, Price, Top Speed Comparison

Updated On: 30 September 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Have you looked at the Ola e-scooter Vs Simple One e-scooter comparison? If not, give this article a read to know which is the best!

At times when electric mobility is at the epitome of automotive evolution, it is only natural for consumers to seek the emergence of new and diversified range of products that they can rely upon. Ola Electric and Simple Energy are two such brands that have an imminent response to those consumers anticipating new-gen technology in electric mobility that can be totally relied on.

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However, these two separate ventures which go by the name Ola Electric and Simple Energy are worthy opponents in the game of "Who is the best" in the EV world. Both these electric mobility development and solutions companies are planning to launch their electric bikes on August 15, hence, experts anticipate these two brands to rival each other in becoming the best.

So for the curious minds, we have compared the two products to see which is the best. The following are the comparison details of the two e-scooters from Ola Electric and Simple Energy:

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To begin with, let us discuss the booking of the two e-scooter:

The Ola e-scooter can be booked online for Rs.499 without any hassle and interestingly, Ola electric has already received an immense amount of response in the form of bookings from more than 1000 cities in India. In comparison to the Ola e-scooter, Simple Energy is yet to commence the booking of the Simple One electric scooter but experts anticipate that the Simple One could be an important rival for the likings of Ola e-scooter.

Simple One Electric Scooter

Next up is the range of these electric scooters:

Simple Energy has already claimed that its electric scooter will offer a range of 240km on a single full charge. This is considered to be one of the highest ranges ever to be clocked by electric scooter companies in India. While the range of Ola Electric scooters is still a secret, rumours suggest that the vehicle will have a range of around 150km on a single charge. However, Ola has revealed that the e-scooter can provide 75km of range by just changing it for 18 minutes with a fast charger, so the rumours regarding its full range capacity might be true.

Let us now get into the power and top speed figures:

Ola Electric is likely to launch its e-scooter in three variants- A base model can be expected with decent features and a motor that has the capacity to clock a top speed of 45kmph. A mid variant can also be expected with a top speed of 70kmph and finally, a top-spec model that has the capacity to reach speeds of 95Kmph is also anticipated.

In comparison to the Ola e-scooter, the top speed of the Simple One e-scooter is said to be 100 kmph and the vehicle has also clocked 0 to 50 km per hour in just 3.6 seconds thanks to its 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery.

ola electric scooter launch 2021
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It seems that both these scooters have their own unique characteristics which make them best-in-segment. As of now, it's difficult to choose a winner with the details as far as we know. However, it is for sure that the two e-scooters are fierce contenders and will rival each other.

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