2022 Honda City e:HEV Hybrid Automatic Test Drive Review

Updated On: 3 May 2022, By Shipranshu Pandey

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2022 Honda City e:HEV Hybrid Automatic Test Drive Review

The Honda City is one of India's most popular mid-size cars. The car has gone through various changes, and now Honda has unveiled a hybrid version of the City in India, at a time when every automaker is betting big on electric and hybrid technologies. A hybrid is thought to be a low-spec car that struggles to perform in certain situations. Is this truly the case? So, we drove the Honda City e:HEV and the video of our first drive is here.

Honda City e:HEV has become India's first true mass-market hybrid car. The automaker has incorporated a lot of cutting-edge technology into the new City, and it's a lot more sophisticated than before. So, what's different in the new City?

What's New In The Honda City Hybrid?

City Hybrid Rear

The City Hybrid will appear identical to the normal fifth-generation City, which is already in the market in India, at first glance. However, a closer look reveals that Honda has made some small alterations to its appearance. To begin with, it now features a new blue 'H' mark logo on the front and back, denoting that it is a hybrid vehicle. It also gets a claw-style fog light garnish and a new front grille design. When you look at the back of the car, you'll notice an integrated boot lip spoiler and a faux carbon fibre rear bumper diffuser.

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It has 16-inch dual-tone alloy wheels on the sides, with the addition of a rear disc brake being the most significant alteration. Other design elements and features are comparable to those found on the normal City ZX trim.

City Hybrid Interior

Moving on to the interior of the vehicle, this is where you will get the vehicle's premium feel. The City's interior, being a sedan, has always been elegant and roomy, although there have been significant alterations. It now comes in a new dual-tone black and ivory colour scheme, as well as a new centre console with the addition of a new electronic parking brake. Due to the removal of the manual hand brake, the centre console gets more space options to keep your phone and other gadgets.

Honda City Hybrid

Other interior features are the same as the normal City's ZX trim, including an electric sunroof, an 8-inch infotainment system with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and now Android and iOS watch connectivity to control various aspects of the vehicle.

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Radiant Red Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, Meteroid Grey Metallic, Golden Brown Metallic, and Lunar Silver Metallic are the five different colour options available for the City Hybrid. Radiant Red is one of the most eye-catching colours, in my opinion.

What's Under the Hood?

Honda City Hybrid

The main change which has taken place in the City hybrid is under the hood. It now gets a completely different powerplant. The engine is a 1.5-litre petrol engine with 98 PS and runs on the 'Atkinson cycle,' which is more fuel-efficient. It is also aided by a 109 PS electric motor that produces 253 Nm of torque. The engine and the electric motor have a combined output of 126 PS and a maximum combined torque of 253Nm, with the engine providing 127 Nm and the electric motor delivering 253Nm.

Also, the Honda City hybrid has three drive modes, but you can't switch between them manually. Electric-only mode (EV mode), Hybrid mode, and Engine mode are the three drive modes. So, how do these modes function, and how does the system switch between them?

The large lithium-ion battery in the boot area drives the traction motor, which subsequently rotates the wheels in EV mode. This mode is ideal for city driving and provides a zero-emission drive. If you are going light on the pedal, this mode can take you up to 50-60 km/h.

When you press the accelerator pedal, the hybrid mode engages, and the engine revs up and begins functioning as a generator to power the motors and charge the battery. The generator motor, in conjunction with the lithium-ion battery, powers the traction motor, which then powers the wheels. The hybrid mode is ideal for high-speed driving and high-performance driving.

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At last, when you want to release your internal adrenaline, Honda really permits the engine to drive the front wheels after 120 km/h. This is accomplished by employing a single gear ratio and shutting a clutch. Once you reach this speed, the battery provides a periodic electric boost, and when you pull your foot off the accelerator, the car continues to switch between EV and engine mode. The shift between modes is seamless while driving the City hybrid, and you can tell which mode you're in by looking at the pictogram in the instrument cluster.

The Honda City hybrid also gets a 'B' mode in the gear shifter, in this mode, you can adjust the amount of regenerative braking, by using the pedal shifters.

The City hybrid's kerb weight has climbed by 127 kilogrammes to 1280 kilogrammes, up from 1153 kilogrammes for the normal petrol variant. The hybrid's boot space, on the other hand, is 306 litres, compared to 506 kilos for the standard City.

Ride and Handling

The regular City's handling is already good, but the City hybrid's handling is also better with the added weight. The rear suspension has been adjusted by Honda to manage the weight of the battery, and it has worked nicely. The ability to pass over potholes is adequate, and you may relax around the bend without fear of losing your spot. The bump absorption capability of the city is pretty well and the Bridgestone Ecopia 16-inch tyres are very good. On tight corners, the steering response is excellent, and it gives you confidence when navigating curves.

Honda City Hybrid

The braking capability of the City Hybrid is also amazing, Honda has done a great job with the braking. The car is merely using regeneration to slow down, but if you keep your foot light on the brake pedal, the connection with the brakes is superb, and when you hit the brakes firmly, all four disc brakes seem smooth and come to a quick halt.

Honda City Hybrid

The 'Honda Sensing' technology performs well and delivers on its promise of providing you with the support Honda offers. When you take your eyes off the road, the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) and Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) perform effectively and assist you in case of any collision about to happen. If the route is adequately marked, the lane keep assist system may easily navigate short turns by itself, providing you with the help you need in some circumstances.

Is it Really Fuel-Efficient?

City Hybrid

I drove the Honda City Hybrid for around 100 kilometres and the average fuel economy was 17.5 to 18 km/l, which is fairly impressive. Honda claims a 26.5 kmpl fuel economy and a range of roughly 1000 km on a single tank. If you keep your foot light on the accelerator and cruise on highways, you can accomplish this efficiency. Although several factors can influence the vehicle's fuel economy, it may be much more efficient in the real world, particularly in slow start-stop traffic, where it performs almost like an EV.

Should You Buy One?

The Honda City has long been Honda's face in India, and it is one of the most popular mid-size sedans. The City's ICE siblings are well-liked by their customers. The City Hybrid is ideal for those who want optimum comfort and driving performance without sacrificing fuel economy. It feels like there's a gap between an electric car and a pure petrol vehicle, and people are still concerned about EV range and charging infrastructure. The City e: HEV, being a hybrid, takes away all of your worries and gives you the greatest alternative.

When it comes to the pricing, it's likely to be priced at approximately Rs 20 lakh or above ex-showroom. Hybrid vehicles do not receive any tax rebates or subsidies in India, but if they receive these kinds of advantages, it will be great for customers who are contemplating the purchase of such vehicles.

Do let us know in the comments section what you feel about the Honda City e:HEV hybrid? Also, join 91Wheels WhatsApp and 91 Wheels Telegram groups to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride, and much more! You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel for video content on the latest from the world of cars and motorcycles.

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