Ather 450X vs Chetak vs Tvs IQube: Electric Scooters Compared

Amit Saraswat

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

29 Jan 2020

Ather Energy this week launched the new 450X electric scooter which is a worthy successor to the Ather 450. Some days back, TVS also hit the EV space with the IQube and Bajaj also launched the Chetak electric too. Now let's stack up all three electric scooters and see what they have got!

First talk pricing, The Chetak premium comes at an on-road price of Rs 1,22,226 lakhs on road. The TVS IQube comes at an on-road price of Rs 1,15,000. Coming to the latest one, Ather 450X comes at a price of Rs 99,000 but it is the ex-showroom price. The buyer also has to choose a pack between Plus and Pro. The Plus packs cost Rs 1700 every month and the Pro pack will cost you Rs 2000 per month additionally. The Pro pack delivers more power and torque and also more range than the Plus pack. You can read further about the Ather 450X here.

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All the electric scooters follow a very different design within. The Chetak which is the oldest here follows a very retro and European design theme whereas the IQube doesn't even look like its electric as it comes with a very conventional and sober design theme. The Ather 450X looks the most futuristic and youthful with its sleek body panels and great performance. All the scooters shares some common features like full LED headlights, LED tail lamps only in Ather and Tvs, Reverse mode and connected mobile app with data analysis. Coming to power and specifications now!

ModelBajaj ChetakAther 450XTVS IQube
Battery(KWh)32.93 Li-ion Battery pack
Power5.5 Ps8.15 Ps5.98 Ps
Torque16 Nm26 Nm NA
Range (Km) Eco- 95, Sport- 85Eco- 85, Ride- 75 Km75
Top Speed (Km)709078

On paper, Ather 450X s the most powerful scooter here with best in segment torque at 26 Nm and power of 8.15 Ps. However Chetak gives the best in segment range in the eco mode which is 95 km. The TVS IQube sounds weak on the paper as it's specs aren't impressive or class-leading but then it is also the cheapest of the lot. Now let's see their technical specifications and features on offer.

electric scooters

The Chetak comes features like a circular digital drivers display with mobile app support, capacitive control buttons, sequential rear turn indicators, premium metal finishes, 3 years 50000 km warranty with IP67 certification, front disc brakes with CBS, regenerative braking, keyless entry and other design elements. Coming to the IQube, it comes with 7-inch TFT instrument cluster which includes TVS Xconnect and it offers features like geofencing, navigation assist, call and message alerts, range in real-time, over-speed alert and many more. Other features of the IQube are front disc brake, economy and power more, reverse assist, regenerative braking, LED headlights and taillights, Electric illumination on the hub-mounted motor, IP67 rating and telescopic front suspension.

Coming to the Ather 450X which is by far the most feature-laden electric scooter. It comes with a 7.0-inch touchscreen system powered by a Snapdragon proper and open Android. The TFT display offers over the air updates, Google maps, range and call alerts and many more features. Moving further, it also offers tyre pressure monitoring system, smart helmet, regenerative braking, reverse mode, auto turn off indicators, incognito mode, side stand sensor, Bluetooth, Wifi and 4G LTE support.

All the electric scooters are available with home chargers and charging points on their respectic=v showroom outlets. The Chetak will take 5 hours to 100% charge and 3 hours to 80% charge. The Ather 450X takes 15 minutes to give a range of 10 kms with the fast charger. Tvs IQube takes 5 hours to get fully charged.

Out of these three, which one is your choice? Lets us know in the comments section below!

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